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  1. Greetings and happy holidays. If anyone has a 4.22 or 3.9 rear end for a Sprite or Midget, please let me know. This is for my Bugeye Sprite. Many thanks, Alan in West LA
  2. gorgeous wheels, but i'm pretty sure the Elan bolt pattern is 4X100, not 4X108. alan
  3. hi jonathan . . . are you selling the fronts, as well? i'm looking to trade out my 16" HPC's . . . thanks, alan in LA
  4. bump! really need a muffler assembly . . . . thank you.
  5. hi all . . . a good friend of mine just had his Caterham damaged by a tow-truck. he needs a new cowl (scuttle), muffler assembly, and a clamshell (or two, so they match). he's not particularly computer savvy, so i'm posting here for him. please let me know if you can help, so he can get back on the road. many thanks, alan in LA
  6. I'm with Dave . . . what are PEG wheels? who makes 'em? where are they sold? alan
  7. greetings . . . i got bumped in traffic earlier today and need a new tail light assembly for my '92 Caterham. thanks for reading, and please contact me directly @ werthie at AOL dot com. alan in LA
  8. I've posted about these before, but Pirelli has re-issued the 185/70VR13 . . . I have a set on my Bugeye Sprite, and I love them. Definitely period correct. Before I mounted these I was running Hoosier bias-ply racing tires . . . terrible tires for the street. alan
  9. hi all . . . remember the old Pirelli P7's? well, Pirelli is making them again, along with the CN36's (which i just installed on my Bugeye Sprite). http://www.lucasclassictires.com/Pirelli-Cinturato_c54.htm i'm thinking of installing a set (205/50/15's in front, 225/50/15 in back) on my Caterham. price aside, any thoughts? should i just stick with the Toyo's or the Yokohama's? alan in LA
  10. rumor has it that at least 4-5 7's are planning to attend tomorrow morning . . . get there early for good parking! alan in West LA
  11. following up on my last post . . . i've located four (4) used (but nice) 13X7 Revolution wheels, but they're for a Sprite/Mini, so the bolt circle diameter (PCD) is 4" or 101.6mm. am i OK using a wheel adapter with a 100mm PCD? there don't seem to be any 4.25"/108mm adapters that are specifically for a 101.6mm bolt pattern. also, the minimum adapter thickness is one inch, or 25mm . . . if i can find (or have made) the correct adapter, what range of backspace/offset do i need, so the adapter, wheel and tire will fit under my fenders ('92 S3 Caterham)? sorry for all the qu
  12. i believe i posted this warning elsewhere, but if you are flat-bedding a 7 with a DeDion rear end, BE CAREFUL . . . my tow-truck driver put a strap around the tube to hold the car in place, but exerted so much force on the strap that he bent the tube. obviously, this should be avoided. alan los angeles
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