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  1. Thanks! looking into this and other stateside options.
  2. This is the brake master on my 84 cat. Got a rebuilt kit from the UK and just now realized it’s still leaking a little. Very much interested in replacement at this point…
  3. NSXguy

    AFR gauge

    I have an AEM wideband i'll be using and likely permanently installing in my dash. Helps with dialing/verifying carbs tuning and also keeping an eye on things.
  4. i hoard my old stuff in boxes, then ever few years i'll purge. Partly because often, i will change for preventative maintenance (while you're in there) not really because they failed, so they could be of use to me or someone else in the future who might be in a bind. If a part is failed, i'll typically bin it.
  5. I just got a set from Chris from Lotus&Elans. Hey may have some in stock.
  6. this is the one i use. simple to install and setup and has logging function. fits in place one one of the standard dash gauges if you wanted to leave mounted. Wideband o2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0184TSI84?ref_=pe_386300_442746000_DDT_E_DDE_dt_1 o2 bung kit with plugs https://www.amazon.com/Mounting-Stainless-Notched-Exhaust-Gaskets/dp/B098Q6VQTF/ref=sr_1_6?crid=19N53WXPFMJEL&keywords=wideband+bung+stainless+aem&qid=1651269225&s=automotive&sprefix=wideband+bung+stainless+aem%2Cautomotive%2C169&sr=1-6
  7. @DSKIt's really great to have you chime in here. I will be contacting you in case you have any additional info on mine. All the documentation i received on my car (from around Aug 1981) from the archivist was undersigned by Clayton Seitz, as DSK president. Des.
  8. I found out from Martin Phipps at Caterham that my chassis was originally spec'ed and ordered by DSK Cars, Inc. He was able to share correspondence and invoices but i couldn't find much about them on the net. This is good info.
  9. I can confirm that at least for the T-9s on the merkurs (i suspect similar to the V-6)- the forward boss is for the neutral safety switch and rear is reverse light. I got my T-9 from a buddy of mine who has been a longtime ford/merkur enthusiast and the box came with those bits still attached. Also- the reverse switch also fits on my Type-2 which for some reason didn't have one ( there was a yellow plug in the bung)
  10. I have a North American Auto Equipment 2 post lift in my garage for some years. Pretty happy with it and the flexibility it provides but I have never used it on my seven, because... other projects. They have a website and fairly well priced but they are more of a Northeast US outfit, so i can't say it would make sense shipping to you but worth looking into. -Des.
  11. Title says it's for a crossflow so likely exiting on the left side (Driver's side on LHD car / Passenger side on RHD car).
  12. Well Mike, since i don't see the cossie on the list, you can sell that to me! lol
  13. Thanks Jim- . This piece is pretty straight forward and i like that it's a removable bolted connection. Could you post closer shots of the mounting points? I can see your points are different than on the green car.
  14. The top two bolts don't fit, but the side ones do. I have some options, but also considering a different bellhousing depending on how much i want to simplify my life.
  15. My car already has a hydraulic setup with a girlin MC, so i spoke to Anthony (from Burton) yesterday and plan to get the concentric hydraulic setup for the T-9 as well as other bits. I have been looking to find a 7.5" 23 Spline clutch disc to use with my current AP pressure plate but so far been unsuccessful. So will likely get that from Burton as well. As far as consumables for the refresh, planning to get all that from Chris at Redline. Have ordered lots of bits from him and he always sorts me out. Will also get the upgraded aluminum rad/fan kit from him, unless there is a source stateside. Des.
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