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  1. Really depends how level the car/trans was when filled or when you opened the fill plug. but generally on most trans fill until it starts to come out of the fill hole.
  2. Car looks great!! thanks for the write up. what did you do with the red interior?
  3. I'm south of your in CT and can't seem to stop going on blats lol! So if you're ever down this way...
  4. thanks! they came on the car and i had been contemplating replacing them with the standard caterham side decals as i work to modernize the car, but i'm having a change of heart lately and think i'll keep them (at least for another season).
  5. thanks. i'm on instagram as well. @mr_afropreneur
  6. a random photo as i prepare my cat for the upcoming season... iphone photo so i'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to some of the full rez shots here!
  7. 1984 S-3 with 14K on the odometer. its the epitome of analog car so i I love it more with each issue i resolve and every mile i put on it. I don't see myself selling...anytime soon!
  8. Thanks @toldfield Will definitely give this a try as mine has been acting up as well. cheers, Des.
  9. interested in that fuse solution as well!
  10. Thanks very much. Took some time but i got everything sorted a few days ago and- had to do clean up some of the old wiring as well. Headlamps, turn signals and brakes work now. For the record and to help someone else down the road. Turn signals- some corrosion on the connectors and some interference with hazard lights. i had to flick the hazard switch on and off a few times after checking all wires. but everything works well now. Also upgraded to LED turn signals. Brake lights- Old brake switch failed. Replaced with new brake switch- it's a lucas spb401 H
  11. Thanks. I've been researching and reading about many funky wiring woes on these cars! At any rate, some progress was made today. I read on another forum about flicking the hazard light switch a few times and sure enough it took a while but then the turn signals started working. Did not have any luck getting the brake lights to work so i'll try some other things tomorrow! I also took off the existing bullet lights since i have the standard lights coming in from redline this weekend to replace them. Plan is to test everything in the back and make sure we are getting power(which i doubt), be
  12. Hi All, THe driving lights work when the headlamps are on but the turn signals, brake lights and reverse lights have not since i purchased the car. As i prepare for the driving season, i obviously need to sort these out. Has anyone had a similar issue and are there common 7 places to check before i really dig into it? The previous owner changed rear tail lights to a "bullet style" when the carbon rear wings were installed so i'll check those out and poke a bit under the dash but i'm not quite familiar with the car you to know what to look for. very analog wiring under the dash
  13. I'll be interested in a set as well for 5-3/4. carbon with white lettering?
  14. I just spoke to Rick and he'll look into it; i remembered he had a set a few months ago and i should've jumped on them!
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