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  1. I did not ever build a 4-cylinder car with a boot box option. That is definitely much smaller. The SEight's had a lot of advantages over the 4-cylinder kits, especially with the wide suspension options. Rob
  2. Might be, I don't remember. I think it's the standard tank that was supplied in the SEight package. Seems like it holds apx 11-12 gallons. Here are the only two pix I have of it among the many I shot during construction. The flat bottom boot box might have been for the live-axle cars. I built this kit in year 2000/2001 while I was MD for the US Westfield importer/distributor (my second SEight, the first with the S2000 powertrain) and do not have any direct experience with the live-axle cars. Sorry I can't be more helpful about this.
  3. Here are some (low-res reduced file size so I could send four) pix of the boot box. The lid is equipped with two keyed latches, and is mounted on slide-off hinges so it can be easily removed. There is a deeper area in the front of the box, ahead of the fuel tank, which I use to carry a rain suit, a compact "anorak" windbreaker with hood, a small tool roll, a towel, a couple of shop towels and an emergency tire inflator bottle. That load still leaves room for a couple of padded parkas and hats, or some carefully folded clothing baggage. If you have a convertible soft top its frame will fold
  4. If this is the lockable lid you want info about, let me know and I'll shoot a picture of the interior.
  5. Have been away from this forum for quite a while, so missed this thread. I am in San Antonio and still enjoying my Westfield "Se7en" (see http://www.usa7s.net/vb/showthread.php?4222-My-Westfield-SEight2K on the USA7s forum). Rob
  6. Looks like I'll be unable to attend this weekend after all. I appreciate the help in getting info. Have asked George to include me in e-mailing about future events so maybe I can plan ahead better. Gale, I just realized your address is Joplin, MO. Hope you and yours are OK after the very bad weather. Rob
  7. Got a quick reply from George, as follows: "The event is on; the tour is Sunday 0900 through Monday noon, with an overnight stop at the Inn On The River in Glen Rose. Varied routes to choose from; less structured event--groups of several cars may choose. No fee other than the Inn fee (call and ask for Amy). Saturday night is a BBQ place across from the Best Western in Cresson; $9 for a BBQ plate or order from the menu. We are staying at the Best Western in Cresson. Tour mileage on Sunday probably 100+." I planned to go last year but got rained out (open trailer). Hope to be t
  8. Thx for the help. I filled in the form and e-mailed it to the two individuals mentioned. We'll see if they respond. Pretty suspicious that no recent or official word posted from the alleged organizers about whether this event is actually going to happen, just old e-mails found and posted by others...
  9. Thanks for the reply. I couldn't open the 2011FestEntry.doc file. What happens if I just show up at the Cresson or Glen Rose hotel at start time Sunday or Monday? thx
  10. What about tour only? Can't make it for Thurs, Fri and Sat. Anty info? Fee? Forms? thx
  11. Might be interested, probably two-day tour. Solo, trailering.
  12. Any late news on this event? Still on? Did not find a link or attach't for the registration form. Might make the tour days. What is the registration and schedule/itinerary for tour? thx,
  13. Hoping to participate on Saturday 24 Oct (and am assuming the original 30 Sep announcement that event will be held on 25th and 25th is an error). Probably unable to arrive on Friday or stay for Sunday. Need to know time and place for Saturday meeting and departure, and also proposed lunch stop (in case I'm running late). Will trailer parking be available at departure site? If not, where to park it? Thx
  14. Hey, Loren! Got the tour info. Hoping to be there on Saturday, maybe Friday too. Rob
  15. Turns out I could have used a flat bonnet rather than the one with the bubble, see pix below. The license plate might retract at 100+, but I can't tell from the cockpit if it does or not. It is hinged to the nose cone and the black "struts" are actually small-diameter bungee cords. It can fold back flat to the bottom of the nose cone. The idea is to keep from bending the plate on driveways and ramps yet prevent undue attention from the police. It works. I don't have a lot of sump clearance, but it's behind the front wheel centerline instead of sticking way out front.
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