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  1. Bill, How are you enjoying the Caterham? I never thought I would regret selling it as much as I have! You said it correctly in your post where you stated that this car gets "under your skin!" Would love to hear about your adventures with it! Carl
  2. Bill, Thank you as well! I hope you enjoy having the Caterham back ... I already miss it! Thank you for sharing some of the interesting history of this particular vehicle as well! I can also vouch for Intercity ... They did an excellent job on my end picking up the car! They worked around my crazy work schedule and were very careful loading the car and taking care of a spare hood that went with it! I highly recommend them! Carl
  3. Car IS sold! Thanks for all the interest!
  4. Actually it appears the car may already be sold! I certainly didn't expect it to happen this fast, but terms have been agreed on and the buyer should pick it up mid month ... Will update after that.
  5. MightyMike, Thanks, I've never been so conflicted but with the new kiddo, it's the best choice for our family!
  6. It is an absolute BLAST! I understand wanting an S3 ... I couldn't drive one tho ... My feet are too large! Good luck with your search! If you know anyone that may be interested, let me know!
  7. *SOLD* Hello everyone, I am putting my 2002 Caterham SV up for sale due to life changes and wanted to make sure I posted it here, as this community has been a huge source of info for me before, during, and after my purchase! It is a 2002 SV with 2.0L Zetec that has a little over 13,000 miles ... That will increase some, as I get it out for a blast every sunny day I'm not working! Dyno sheets included from a previous owner at 218hp. I have not had it on a Dyno myself but it pulls hard and is amazing fun to drive! It comes with full weather gear, side wind deflectors. It also I
  8. There is someone interested in buying my car with these wheels included ... If the car doesn't get sold in a week or so I will post here
  9. I used the Wix that Kitcat listed, thanks for the recommendations everyone!
  10. Anyone know what type of oil filter I need for a 2002 2L Zetec? I have found several different ones and not sure what the difference is. Thanks
  11. I am creating a website (http://www.theracingcareer.com) to attempt to help those who wish to start a career in racing. Since we can't ALL be race drivers, I plan to include tips, tools, and advice on how to acquire the skill sets to fill various roles on a race team. (Mechanic, Engineer, Pit Crew, etc) Part of this information will (hopefully) be presented in the form of interviews with professionals already in the racing industry. If any of you are in the industry or have friends that are, I would love to interview for my blog. If any of you are considering joining the racing indu
  12. What fluid should I use to fill/bleed my hydraulic clutch system? I am putting Motul RBF660 in the brakes and to keep it consistent was planning on using that in the clutch as well ... Thoughts?
  13. Sean, Thanks for that info, but my main question is still unanswered ... The installed filler neck has 3 pipes, one large and 2 small ... The new filler neck only has 1 large and 1 small. What should I do with the extra hose?
  14. I'm not sure ... Perhaps they are all "vents" to prevent over pressurizing the fuel tank?
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