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  1. Link to Phoenix Arizona Craigslist ad; https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/sierra-vista-lotus-s4-seven-8000-price/6811196570.html The Seven S4 is located in southeastern Arizona. Please contact me for more information. Steve V.
  2. Car has a good Arizona title. Car has been documented online; https://www.quizover.com/course/collection/lotus-seven-s4-type-60-design-restoration-and-by-openstax Hope this link works, this is not the original link, but might work. Feel free to contact me for more information Steve V, Arizona
  3. Lotus 7 S4 reduced price; $8,000 Project for sale, Arizona Selling my lotus 7 S4 project. Car starting being rebuilt after an engine fire, has a web site from previous owner. Car needs assembling. New fiberglass body, wire harness, springs, shocks, instruments. Fresh Farley engine, dyno time only, transmission and differential have been gone through. Five redone Lotus OEM aluminum rims, new radiator, steering wheel and more. Car is missing windscreen surround, seat frames, electrical switches, master cylinders and of course assembling. . I have been collecting parts for the car for some time
  4. I am looking for an S4 windscreen frame and seats. I have a set of new undrilled windscreen side supports and also a set of side screens with sliding windows I could swap or? I think the S4 chassis side panels will have to fabricated. Steve V. Arizona USA
  5. Working on my Lotus S4 7. Noticed the nose in the air, engine, transmission and body on/in. Spax shocks, removed springs; 12 inches long free, did online calculator; 118lbs. per inch rate. Is this the correct spring for the car? Too me, appear too stiff and too long? I think for fast road on an S3 7, 150lbs. per inch, 10 inch free length? With the present springs installed, when I jump on the front cross member, car does not move. Shocks have about 6 inches (top to bottom) spring space, at where the ride height should be. Looking for nice ride, no racing. Getting S4 7 information has
  6. I have that gauge, do not need. Sent a private PM. I am looking for Lotus S4 Seven parts and information. Steve V. S4 Seven in Arizona USA
  7. Craig, You have adjustable upper arms for the S4 and S1 Lotus Europa? Yes interested, if possible can you e-mail pictures? I do not like rod ends on the street, would adapt to have adjustable Metalastic bushing holders. I assume, half inch rod ends? Thank you, Steve V.
  8. I too have seen the upper adjustable ball joint on formula cars and Sports Racers from the sixties. But where does in come from? UK Ford Van or? Something from the USA that has the correct taper, no problem with threads. Steve V.
  9. I don't think this has been resolved. At least can find nothing on the site. Building adjustable control arms for my S4 Seven. Considering using the top adjustable ball joint. What is the source for the adjustable upper ball joint (tie rod end from?). Or, what vehicle is off of? Standard is Spitfire. Canley Classics has similar arrangement Fits Spitfire only , Bank Europa does also and it fits. The S4 Seven has an S1 Europa front suspension, I think, the steering rack is Ford. Not sure if the sway bar is specific to the S4 Seven yet? Thank you for the time and information. Steve V
  10. Any information on location of next LOG? Any S4 Sevens at LOG this year? Thank you for the information. Steve V. S47 in Arizona
  11. Not sure where to post this. Still have my Lotus Seven S4 project. Need a windscreen surround frame, windscreen wiper assembly, front headlamp brackets, seat frames, and heater assembly. Someone must have turned an S4 seven into a race car or parted one out and has these parts. Redline UK so far has no parts on hand. Perhaps a source for parts? I had a source in Germany making parts but he has not posted in some time. Have a several parts posted I would like to sell cheap , see for sale. I need space for projects. Or, trade my project for a Fisher Fury? Fisher Fury? That is a long sho
  12. Against my better judgment I have a Lotus 7 S 4 (the orphan 7). Looking for a windscreen surround, front headlamp brackets, seats or seat frames, heater assembly, windscreen wiper assembly. Someone must have a car that has been parted out or turned into a race car for parts. I had a source for parts in Germany but have not had any contact with him lately. Or, trade my project S4 Seven for a Fisher Fury? I have a new body, done chassis, all kinds of new parts, except the parts needed. Thank you for the time and information. Steve V. In Arizona USA PH# 520-378-4665 land line does take
  13. Have gauges and rear sump oil pan still for sale. Make a reasonable offer on parts, I need space. Steve V. In Arizona USA. PH # 520-378-4665
  14. Ford Cross flow rear sump pan still for sale. Need to clean out parts. Make me a reasonable offer. Steve V. In Arizona USA Land line will not do text messages. PH# 520-378-4665
  15. I have found a source for 7 S4 parts in Germany. The problem is shipping charges. FED/EX, DHL, UPS all use a formula of; l=2w=2h must equal 130 or the box becomes some type of freight and expensive. Weight is not a problem as I doubt there will be over 80 pounds in the box. Is there a source for slow boat shipping and or reasonable rates? I am going to guess the box will be: 44 inches long, 30 wide, 26 inches tall. Full of S4 Seven parts from Germany. What I need is some type of small scale international freight broker like I used for shipping my Spyder chassis over (Spyder handled the
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