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  1. I'm late to this. It's been a while, so not sure if he's still operating, but I've always had good luck getting parts for my Ital axle from Skip Harris (aka marinaman). http://marinaman.org/ Dave
  2. That's the way to do it. You're smarter than me. While I'd entertained the lack of protection for road use, it wasn't until I had that accident that it really crystalized for me. I was amazed that the windscreen held up as well as it did, too. I don't think it bore the full brunt of the entire animal, but rather the head/neck. I think the deer basically ran into the side of the car (or tried to jump over and tripped) leaving the chunk out of the wing, and then rolled down along the side of the car. Having said that, the damage was more severe than is obvious. Bent the t
  3. Looks great! I love Brooklands screens and very nearly bought some to put on my car. I got a reality check, though weeks before pulling the trigger in the form of a deer at 70mph on I-69 in Fishers, IN. Not a shred of doubt in my mind that the windscreen, as dinky as it is, saved my life. Not trying to be a buzzkill. Obviously, anyone driving a Seven is expressly accepting some additional risk compared with driving a Camry. But always keep in mind that the extra exposure that gives the thrill is more than just a sensation.
  4. Hi, Just sent a PM inquiring about front suspension. Dave
  5. Glad to hear it! Got your email. Sounds like a heck of a few weeks!
  6. Hi all, Has anyone heard anything from Beachman recently? I've been trying by email and phone to get in touch for the last 3 weeks to confirm how much I owe for some parts they shipped me in the beginning of May. They were super-responsive to my inquiry/order. But I haven't managed to get any response at all to several emails / phone messages since they sent the shipment. Hoping every thing is okay with them there. Dave
  7. I don't like the look of all that gunk in the threads of the #1 plug. Even if there's all manor of crap in the "tunnel" for the plug the threads themselves should be pretty clean having spent their life engaged in the head. Sure, some gunk may brush into them on the way out, but they look pretty uniformly covered. Did that plug feel right when you loosened it and threaded it out? Dave Edit: sorry, no wisdom on what mileage you should expect, but 10 does sound low for street driving.
  8. My wife and I were up in Salisbury for a wedding over the weekend and passed you guys going the other direction on 44. I waved a big thumbs up from our little Nissan rental car. Looks like a great route and a great breakfast. I was definitely missing my Seven. Dave
  9. Try Skip Harris aka "Marina Man": marinaman@marinaman.org I've gotten various Ital axle parts from him in the past and he's good to deal with. Dave
  10. What about a blocked PCV valve or something like that? Dave
  11. Anyone have a surplus Caterham Tachometer kicking around? This would be of the type fitted to a late '90's Classic (i.e. no warning lights, etc.). Looks like this: http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=11638&stc=1 P/N EET3-1A32-00B Thanks, DAve
  12. Hello Dean, I'm so sorry for your loss. You and yours are in my thoughts. Dave
  13. I've got a xflow in a '99 Classic chassis with the 4-1 side exit. It is tight, but it does work, at least if the primaries, engine location, alternator, etc. are all the standard Caterham-spec parts. As I recall, the main thing is you'll end up playing a game of fiddle-f*** to get the column to simultaneous clear the 4 primaries and the bottom of the alternator housing, while not binding the U-joint at the steering rack. You may find you need to tweak the orientation of the steering rack and/or the bulkhead bearing for the upper steering column. I found it helpful to put the front of t
  14. My Caterham Classic with a x/flow and T9 5-spd was ~1150lbs when I weighed it some years ago for NY registration. I don't recall how full the tank was, figure around 1/2. Dave
  15. I suspect it went something like this: ... "But there are no seats." "No, honey, you see you just sit right on the floor here." "But why isn't there a seat?" "That's part of the experience; by sitting right on the floor you get the sensation of oneness with the road...and it lowers the center of grav-" :conehead: "Listen, you put a go**amn seat in that thing right now or I'm not going!" :boxing: :flag:
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