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  1. A full frame off restoration is a high level of commitment. Documenting it by using stop motion video is at a whole different level. Huge appreciation for what he did. I have typically documented all my Lotus frame off restorations in great detail to include write up and photos. Every once in a while i shoot a video to add to the blog documentation. Those that know me can confirm I like to shoot and edit video. Why not more? It’s an easy answer, it takes too much time to set up and shoot which takes away from the primary purpose of the restoration. Here are two examples of video I shot for my Elan S1 chassis removal that is time lapse and bringing my freshly painted Europa into my shop at home. (My Europa blog has over 88K views and is considered the standard for a frame off restoration). Elan chassis removal time lapse Europa body moved into garage
  2. I was wondering same. Will this change allow for registration in NJ for a “newer” Caterham ?
  3. Wow Mike. Wow. Automotive Art in its finest form. Your build is like my restorations. I want to do it my way, damn the cost. Can’t wait to actually see it.
  4. Would be interested in seeing pics of your Datsun 2000. I had one when I was in HS in 72. Lots of great memories of that car. But the Seven will spoil you.......
  5. I’ll take them. Let me know your PayPal address.
  6. I ran with the Shattenbaum PCA chapter for 9 years and participated in almost every track event they held (advancing from green to the ultimate Red run group). Although I owned a Porsche 911 (997 C4S) I mainly used my Lotus Exige S for their track events. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I never felt like an outsider. Yes, I’m still lurking on your site. One day I’ll own a 7 ..........
  7. LOG30 was the first time I got to meet many of you (already knew Mike and Tom) and enjoy the conversations on everything 7 related. I was really impressed how welcoming you all were, even to the point of letting me sit in a couple of different cars to see if I would fit. Of course with Maureen hanging with me I think you were all being nice to me but really engaging with her......... Ross, no one was more impressed than me that you drove all the way from CO. Bugs and all! The first experience I had with this group is why I show up at some of your annual track events and shoot some video. Cool group of guys who have the ultimate light weight sports cars.
  8. I listed my frame off restored 72 Lotus Europa a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t make the reserve. Kind of surprising as 2 weeks prior another Europa sold for over $41K and mine was nicer. Oh well......it will sell in spring when the sports car fever hits. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-lotus-europa-twin-cam-8/
  9. They completed the exercise with the help of Russian space agency Roscosmos aboard an Ilyushin 11-76-MDK cosmonaut training craft. Using a 2005 spec Red Bull RBI, the team filmed the pit stop over a week, doing seven flights and working around 80 parabolas where the aircraft climbed at 45 degrees before it fell in a ‘ballistic arc at 45 degrees. The result was a time of artificial weightlessness. Red Bull mechanic, Paul Knight, said the first parabola they did was quite strange. There was no sensation of climbing or descending. He added that climbing at 2G, meaning they experienced twice their average weight, felt like being planted on the ground as one struggled to move. The sensation that followed reversed when they went over the top and into freefall. According to the team, everyone was like Bambi on ice at first as they were struggling to get their bearings. However, they figured out to stabilize themselves and the best way to deal with the unearthly sensations. Knight claimed it was an amazing experience and nothing that one could imagine. The support team chief mechanic, Joe Robinson, said it pushed them harder than they could ever imagine. Apparently, one realizes how much they rely on gravity when there is not any available. He added that something as straightforward as the tightening of a wheel nut becomes extremely difficult when the vehicle is not tied down and floating. The only control that a person has is through the stiffness of the ankles tucked into the floor straps. He said it challenges one to think and operate in different ways. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he wanted to stay and do it for a longer time. The is much smaller than the current generation of Red Bull Formula 1 cars. That makes it easier for them to maneuver and more predictable when it had to be strapped down when gravity retook effect though the team confirmed that the exercise was much harder than they thought. To make things even more complicated, each filming session had to be reduced to just 15 seconds in order to ensure no one could get hurt. "Car and equipment had to be carefully secured before and after each weightless period (no-one wants gravity returning when car, tyres and pit crew are a metre off the deck), reducing each filming session to around 15 seconds," Red Bull said on their website.
  10. Here is the edited video of our LOG 39 Road Trip. Three Elan’s, two yellow Europa’s, one Cortina and one Elise. Ted and I agree that the back road drive to and from LOG is as fun (and even more) as LOG itself. Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer) and make yourself comfortable. It’s 39 minutes long so you get a real feel of our experiences and surprises along the way. Watch in HD as it was shot in that format. Enjoy!
  11. As some of you know I have recently completed the 3 year restoration of my 1972 Lotus Europa (Won second place at the LOG39 Concours). The following is a short video of the Twin Cam engine idling and a bit of throttle blip. Engine built by Quicksilver Racing.
  12. Not mine Bob, but I was admiring the metal flake. That is an S1 or S2. I have a twin cam. Here is my Europa:
  13. It’s been a long term plan Mike. Downsizing and traveling a lot more. Will no longer have a full shop to work on cars (my choice). I’ve got lots of hobbies so no issue for me. You should really look at my S1 Elan. It’s built as a GTS Elan and is a rare car being an original Borne Body serial number (only 400 were made).
  14. KitKat and JohnCh, thanks for your complements and I’m glad you enjoyed my “story”. The Europa TC is my fourth classic Lotus restoration in five years and it’s been quite the journey. My wife and I are relocating (retirement) and I have two Lotus Elan’s and this Europa for sale. Just in case any Seven Owners want to add another Lotus to their collection.......
  15. I’ve spent the last 2+ years restoring a 1972 Lotus Europa which I planned on taking to LOG39. A number of PALS members and I had planned a “road trip” to and from LOG with all of us traveling together. We were leaving on Thursday morning from my house in Princeton. I finished my restoration on Wednesday night...... My entire restoration is well documented on the Europa.org web site, but for the sake of just giving you the LOG39 part of my “blog” start at this point to read all about the adventures of going to LOG39. http://www.lotuseuropa.org/LotusForum/index.php?topic=1704.1155
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