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  1. You just need to run a hose from either the crankcase vent on the side of the block or the valve cover to a barbed fitting installed somewhere in the air filter housing, SB100 does not require smog compliance. That is one of the major advantages of the rules.
  2. I did check with Tom. All he has are the nose badges. I’m working on a rendering now. It looks like the image on the nose badge was done freehand as well.
  3. I am looking for a flat, “planform” image of the Birkin logo. The nose badge , with it’s curvature is still a bit distorted. My plan is to make a template and/or a transfer, possibly a decal. Once the image is in a digital format, scaling for size is easy.
  4. You could try vvivid.com. They are US based and sell a wide variety of high quality vinyl wraps. I used a carbon fiber vinyl from them for my dash. It has worn well over the 3-4 years I have had it on the car.
  5. I used a 2 qt. Accusump with -8 lines, front mounted oil cooler. I think the quantity went from 6.5 to 9.5 qts. I opened the valve prior to start, looking for the oil pressure rise before starting. I left it on until just prior to shutdown. Due to the hot oil pressure drop, I would have to rev the engine to 2,000 or so to get a "running" oil pressure to replenish the accumulator. At that point, I closed the valve. The real challenge was at "oil change" time, getting all the oil out of the cooler, air/oil separator and accusump lines.
  6. John, I've been using a similar lithium technology battery for the last six months now and love it. Made by Battery Tender, it sells for a little over $200 as I recall. I never have to leave it on the float charger (as I used to have to with the Braille). It only weighs about 3.2 lbs as opposed to the 9+ of the Braille. Internal BMS, smaller footprint and multiple connector choices. It seems to be immune to vibration issues. I have noticed that the VM readings while running are a little lower than with the Braille, about 13.5v. The Braille showed about 14.4. Kevin
  7. I ran one in my 944 when I was racing (POC, PCA). After talking with a couple of friends with CSR cars, I opted for a manual ball valve and actually wrote out “start” and “shutdown” procedures just as we had in the Boeing. Once rehearsed a few times, process worked perfectly. In my case, a -8 hose ran from the front of the engine through the valve in the cabin (adjacent to the gear shift) to the spare tire well in the trunk. The system worked great and was trouble free as long as I had the car (5 years or so).
  8. Thanks! I'll order a set.
  9. How wide is the film at the top? My wide body Birkin is similar dimensionally to an S3 but the rear fenders may be a bit wider. I only see the 3M film advertised in 6” widths. I really don’t like seams.
  10. I checked their website. Any idea what the difference is between “large” and “L-shaped”?
  11. Does anyone have a source for precut 3M rear fender film?
  12. What is the thickness of the 3M film you are using? I never sprayed the inside of the fenders but haven’t noted any starring or cracks in 5,000 mi. Now my stone guard protecting the sump is a different matter!
  13. Picture #1 shows the hinged underdash panel. In order to simplify the wiring a bit, I added a small 12v accessory fuse panel. This panel hinges at the front of the scuttle support. The USB port is a generic motorcycle part Picture #2 shows a Deltran (Battery Tender) Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery. 3.2 lbs as compared to 9.6 for a Braille. Picture #3 shows an Element fire extinguisher. Double the range and duration of a 2.5 lb powder or Halon. weighs less than 1lb. Picture #4 shows my 3rd brake light. This is a motorcycle unit mounted on some ⅛" aluminum stock polished and cu
  14. You could mount it on the face of the dash or, like I did, fabricate a hinged panel under the dash. Works great and out of site. Where are you located?
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