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  1. How wide is the film at the top? My wide body Birkin is similar dimensionally to an S3 but the rear fenders may be a bit wider. I only see the 3M film advertised in 6” widths. I really don’t like seams.
  2. I checked their website. Any idea what the difference is between “large” and “L-shaped”?
  3. Does anyone have a source for precut 3M rear fender film?
  4. What is the thickness of the 3M film you are using? I never sprayed the inside of the fenders but haven’t noted any starring or cracks in 5,000 mi. Now my stone guard protecting the sump is a different matter!
  5. Picture #1 shows the hinged underdash panel. In order to simplify the wiring a bit, I added a small 12v accessory fuse panel. This panel hinges at the front of the scuttle support. The USB port is a generic motorcycle part Picture #2 shows a Deltran (Battery Tender) Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery. 3.2 lbs as compared to 9.6 for a Braille. Picture #3 shows an Element fire extinguisher. Double the range and duration of a 2.5 lb powder or Halon. weighs less than 1lb. Picture #4 shows my 3rd brake light. This is a motorcycle unit mounted on some ⅛" aluminum stock polished and cu
  6. You could mount it on the face of the dash or, like I did, fabricate a hinged panel under the dash. Works great and out of site. Where are you located?
  7. Clecos are key to doing good rivet work. Also helpful are having two cordless drills, one for the drill bit and one for a larger bit to remove the flashing. Always mark the rivet holes with a tapered punch. The drill bit won’t “walk” on you. Definitely get an electric rivet gun. I’ve worn out 2-3 manual riveters already. I wired in a USB outlet under the dash for the cellphone. Label all of the wires that you can. Only a matter of time before you lose track. Learn to build your own AN hoses. The fittings from Summit Racing are easier to use. Get a pressure test fitting for piece of mi
  8. I agree with Birkson on his comments. Over time I have replaced a number of the multi-wire connectors with connectors. Look online for the crimping tool. I found a local source for the connector housings, seals and metal connectors. Definitely run a tap through any threaded fitting. Do the same on the engine but you will need "bottom" taps. these are available from McMaster-Carr (your new best friend). They are also a great source for ss metric nuts and bolts (also try Bolt Depot) As for the headlights, you can use a coupler nut along with an allen head bolt "lock-tited" into the bottom. T
  9. If you plan on tracking the car, have Tom install a master cutoff switch and an SCCA approved roll bar. Much easier to deal with during the initial build than later. Tom's advice is "spot on" when it comes to options. Completed my car in early 2017. I am now slowly swapping out suspension hardware for stainless steel nuts and bolts. No salt on the roads in SoCal but there is a lot of sandblasting that takes place in a car that is this close to the ground. With the stone guard installed, you will only have 2" of ground clearance. You acquire a new awareness of potholes, speed bumps and road deb
  10. Wrapped things up today. I like the lower profile. These assemblies are slightly more rounded as well. There is a small (3w) high beam indicator light on the top of each housing. The Nord-Lock washer is evident in the first pic. The ss braided hose is from a hot rod supplier. Teflon lined to prevent chafing. It provides a nice detail to the car.
  11. I have a pair of 7” headlamp assemblies came with my Birkin. They are in excellent condition, no corrosion, no dents or scratches. I simply replaced them for size (went to 5 ¾” units). I figure the change is worth at least 1 mph at the top end. $50 + shipping.
  12. Fastg found the link. Available from McMaster-Carr and others. They work great and are reusable. Perfect for an application like a headlight mount that is susceptible to vibration and the elements. I also swapped over to 18-8 SS nuts and bolts.
  13. My Birkin came with 7" headlights. I have taken my time in considering going to LEDs, rectangular housings and other options because they REALLY hang out there in the breeze. As tight as I get everything, they still go a little out of adjustment after a couple of freeway drives. I finally found a nice 5 ¾" unit (replacement for earlier Harley) that meets nearly all of my criteria. Smaller, similar visual appearance, same H4 bulb and the chrome finish is much better. I am mounting them about ¾" lower as well. I think I may also have solved the adjustment stability issue by using "Nord-Lock" loc
  14. Picture #1, cam cover to catch can Picture #2, catch can, two lines in, one from the cam cover and one from the stock crankcase vent plate. The third line goes to the intake backing plate. Picture #3, intake backing plate fitting. The catch can was probably $10 on eBay and included the fittings. I added a lever operated drain valve on the bottom. All of the other hoses are silicone.
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