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  1. The only aluminum on the Birkin thats a real pain to polish is the bonnet with all it's louvers. I'm in the market for a small diameter polisher (2-3" diameter). As can be seen from the attached photo, the sections between the sets of louvers are pretty small, 1" and 2". When polished by hand, it is challenging to avoid scratch marks. I was looking at the Griots units (G3 and G8) but wonder if there are any reasonable alternatives (other than painting it). Everything I see online is a "no name". (the dog is useless but sweet)
  2. Check Wilwood. They may offer one.
  3. I finally have the GoPro working well with a decent array of settings thanks to YouTube. Anyone have any experience or tips to get better sound quality from the road videos? I have attached a bit of “dead cat” material to the mike’s on the case but it didn’t seem to help much above 20 mph.
  4. Took one this morning through the Malibu hills. Much needed! The weather was beautiful. I was really surprised to see so few cars out and about. The CHP speedtraps on PCH weren’t making much money today. I even got a couple of “thumbs up” from a couple of cops!
  5. I lived there in the mid-70s for a while. Not nearly as insane on the costs but private cars were clearly only for the affluent. With so few and such narrow roads, it’s clear why the taxation is so high. Even then, I was provided with a chauffeur driven car for work and compensated for my taxi usage as a disincentive to leasing a car.
  6. Good job! The vent for the transmission is that pin hole in the bump on the top of the cover. Take care to push brake cleaner through it to make sure it is clear. It serves to provide a fine oily mist on the top of the transmission over time. The British anti-corrosion program!
  7. When you look at the top cover fill port in my photo, 1.25l measures 6” down on a dipstick from the top lip.
  8. That’s exactly what it is. There is another in the opposite corner. If you choose to weld in a bung when it is removed, consider doing so in the right front corner (looking forward). That will allow you to fabricate and use a dipstick to check lube level. It should also be pretty close to being accessible from above. As you can see in the accompanying photo, I also added a remote vent. If you do this with the transmission installed, be very careful to NOT move the shift lever while the top cover is removed. There is a sheet metal structure attached to the inside of the cover that serves as the
  9. I know mine was a 10mm hex. It's a common VW tool. Mine is probably 50 years old from my FV days.
  10. I completed my Birkin in the spring of 2015. I am up to about 5400mi. now, right around that 1000 mi/yr. I'm planning on getting out for a blat through the Malibu hills this Sunday morning but will probably lay off for a couple of weeks after that as I am getting immersed in painting a couple of helmets. The problem I have is that nobody in my family has the remotest interest in my "gearhead" interests. I am bemusedly tolerated by all of them, wife included.
  11. Did I see an a/c unit under the dash?
  12. Tom is a straight shooter, very experienced with these cars and a pleasure to deal with. Pulling the motor isn’t that big a deal after you’ve done it a time or two. I’ve considered building a second motor as I come upon the desired components, maybe over a year or so. The “ in and out” is only a day or two doing it by myself, less with an extra hand. Talk to Tom about the turbo he did for a customer. It might be what you’re looking for.
  13. I was going to head out on Sunday morning but my wife has playing tennis now (gggrrr). I finally got convinced to wear a helmet on the freeway. A friend had a 2x4 come through his windshield recently. As we all know, driving a 7 gives you a fresh appreciation for the debris on the road surface as well as a great view of the surface defects. I'm also running Brooklands windscreens. The hardhat seems a little racey and assuredly is "cop-bait" but it is definitely safer and more comfortable. I tried it a couple weeks ago on a two hour blat. It was the longest I had worn a helmet since Nam.
  14. When I built my Birkin in 2015, I opted for a 2.3l. The 2.0l is slightly lower in height, probably by an inch or so. As far as I know, the 2.3 and 2.5 are the same height. The weight difference is negligible between the three displacements. You can just squeeze the larger displacement motors under the bonnet on the Birkin but you are better off getting a low profile cam cover from Tom Carlin, the US Distributor. He had a number of them made locally and it is a nice piece, well machined and true with the necessary rubber seal. As to power output, you will find that the larger bore motors put ou
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