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  1. I look forward to seeing the rest of them! Another great shot
  2. The last remaining crew Don't see anything wrong here...41 psi is atmosphere right?
  3. Sunday Schedule. We were first out on Sunday and last out on Monday
  4. Setting up for the trip Arriving at the track on Saturday Staging for Sunday. It's very nice to have room for us in the garage
  5. Ian and Tj are fantastic and I'm very glad to have had them there to help out. Nothing but high remarks. I'd be careful saying they are free of charge however as thats a little misleading. It was a little bit of a sticker shock once I discovered the track emergency assistance rate fee and what the $20 part ended up costing in total. That's a great shot!
  6. Doesn't the forum host them when I copy picture into a body? Those images weren't hot linked. I was under impression when you copy an image into the body it local hosts it. This is why I can copy from my hard drive into the body and it will show up in the post (testing example below) I'm fairly certain almost all those pictures were copy and paste for the reasons described above. I didn't want the source to be broken and I figured it becomes local hosted. Edit: If I hotlink sourced them, shouldn't I have the old url in the body if I were to ed
  7. Any ideas as to why some of my posts got broken?
  8. I got the bomb. Or was it that I am the bomb? The "uh oh" award (not TSA friendly) Given presumably for the many times I've said that phrase leading up and during the event. Or maybe because my over pressurized accusump grenading was reminiscent of a bomb going off?
  9. Some cars staged tonight. There was a good group shot that was sent to Seb.
  10. Good info. Thanks. I plan to be out on the track first day and see how it goes. Will likely register tomorrow
  11. At some point I replaced the o2 and I think I've put the old one back at another point to return things back to "OEM" and eliminate the the replacement being an issue.
  12. Noted. Found a micro leak when pressured at the top of the thermostat housing but can't get it to stop. Otherwise holds pressure even with the leak. Bad news. Took it for another spin and got on the highway. the same problem of stumbling after full throttle > decel > throttle appears to still be present. I'm out of ideas. AFR is also still all over the place and more on the lean side. Planning on mostly putting around the track and then getting a tune scheduled. Old water pump didn't have any defects and the current water p
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