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  1. I honestly don't think a whole lot will change (or at least I hope so). One thing that I expect is that the distribution network that Tire Rack had and dealers will be changed a bit to Discount Tire stores or specific discounts will be applied if you use Discount Tire for obvious reasons.
  2. I'll second you. The price bullet was hard to swallow but its hard to put a price on safety (at least that's what I told myself). With only having 2 rear lights and them sitting very low on the car, I told myself I want them as bright as possible.
  3. Trying to stay with a Radical - Caterham R400 - Snetterton Trackday - 27.09.2020 - Javelin
  4. The Perfect Road & Track Car? | Caterham 360S Review
  5. I didn't realize 170S came with drums and leafs? The K car thing does make more sense now with the new Japanese ownership however. "Caterham 170S power is overrated!" Caterham 170S Review | The last great petrol sportscar? "Video: Caterham 170S review UPDATED: NOV 29TH 2021 AUTHOR: BEN MILES What is the smallest car you’ve ever driven? I bet it’s a supermini or a city car of some sort, maybe a Volkswagen Up! or a Mini. But what if I told you those were positively lardy, basically podgy old things compared to our latest test car. Lying? Nah, it’s the Caterham 170. This Caterham weighs less than a Grand Piano, it’s thinner than a 12-year-old is tall and has an engine capacity exactly the same as two cans of dandelion and burdock. So, it’s a bit weedy right? Wrong, wrong, wrong, oh how wrong can you be. This might actually be the most fun car in the world, and certainly the happiest one we’ve yet to try. Tiny three-cylinder Suzuki engine, c450kg of mass, no power steering – these are the components for a lot of fun." https://www.goodwood.com/grr/road/news/2021/11/video-caterham-170s-review/?fbclid=IwAR27jPfl_jHaDC9j1sez6eurR9-n09bbxRwNrDcW1hCXhtpZ-9-Ph_O8EPk
  6. Does the car keep going at whatever the steering wheel is set at or does it "hunt" around for a path as it goes over road features and bumps? Do you have a removable steering wheel? My car, as I recall on the highway I do need a death grip as it won't just track dead straight on it's own and will dart in a direction as I go over bumps. Never given it much thought personally. It can track pretty well on slower speeds but it's not a car I'd ever trust without having hands on the wheel. My dilemma is that that I can't get the steering wheel to be centered. It's off to one side or the other depending on which spline it is. Edit: With that said, I wouldn't say that the steering wheel is heavy per se. No idea which rack I have.
  7. RETRO DRAG RACE: Caterham 170R vs Mini Oselli vs Tipo 184 | Top Gear
  8. I agree with @Kitcat the car was very likely a Zetec car to start. You can see the driver rear fender being shorter/raised at the bottom to clear the muffler tail pipe when compared to passenger. I think that side skin also has the hole for the exhaust mounting shown in pictures. Hood could be original and could have been without the cutout for the normal Zetec if original build didn't have ITBs. That leaves the question of the side skin hole for the muffler on driver side. Either it was never cut to begin with or it got patched or replaced. also the frame has the Zetec notch that I don't believe Duratec cars had. what's the vin on the car? That could help answer some questions.
  9. Welcome and congrats! I hope you have a filter to go over those ITBs. Also, are you sure you have a Zetec? The intake/exhaust are on the wrong side.
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  12. I believe he coined the phrase "butt extractor" for it
  13. A Quest To Wales in the Caterham to find the Money Shot! | 310R | Welsh Road Trip Adventure
  14. I will also drop this by for PPF Never used them yet but they are on my wish list. Pre-cut PPF pieces for Caterhams to the best of my understanding. Seemed to be well recommended by the community https://premierpaintguard.com/caterham_paint_protection_film.html
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