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  1. I feel like I've just been caught with my pants down and getting a stern talking to It's ferrous, so steel?
  2. Found these pictures I took in 2018 when I first bought the car Coolant rail
  3. Oh and by the way, for those tuning in. Once this season of cooling/throttle issues ends, I already have next season material lined up. Teaser: Occasional "falling flat on its face/hesitation" for a brief period of time at low RPM.
  4. @all Its you guys that deserve a beer at the end of all this for chiming in and helping me out in this adventure Updates: The good, the bad and the status quo. Got my new fuel pressure gauge in. Was going to take the car to the shop today, got all strapped in go to start it and it cranks, and cranks and cranks. Turn it off, turn the key and I hear the fuel pump. Sounds good. Go to start and more cranking and cranking and cranking. Think back to driving it back yesterday for total of 60 miles and starting it late at night to pull it into garage
  5. Tom thank you for sharing your experiences. I did keep in mind your situation as you either posted about it earlier in thread or I came upon it from the past when I searched the forum for "head gasket" key words. Im going to do another block test and play with thermal gun and likely put in the see through coolant filter over the next week before committing to the tear down. I believe one of the only tests I have left is a leak down at this point.
  6. Fair I did two tests back to back. The third strip on right is control untouched. Only pH seemed to have changed to green. Making it high pH
  7. I also found that @FE07 had similar issues in the past on his Zetec when his head gasket was blown
  8. Decided to test the theory that running lean is what was getting me hot. Doesn't seem like it. Ran hot while being rich. Long video but I knew it was going to happen. This was after a 20 min drive on the highway parking at the shop. I knew it would run hot while sitting at idle. Skip around to see the temp climb and car shut itself off when it got hot.
  9. Updates: Video editing: I'm getting quite good at it. Formatting, cropping etc. Practice makes perfect and I'm getting plenty of it Cooling: After pressure test passing and pressure holding for hours at 20psi, and cap holding 13 psi drove it today and yesterday. Still runs fine at speed and still gets hot, over flows and spills when idles. I've witnessed a very rapid expansion earlier when was at the shop troubleshooting things. I believe we got a positive ID on exhaust gasses in coolant but I'll double check to make sure it wasn't a
  10. Vovchandr


    Thats on a regular Zetec? Those are very healthy numbers
  11. @Croc is an omnipresent 7 deity. I once posted a random video of a Caterham in Singapore and Croc was reminiscing about the hotel that was seen in the background. Posted another picture of a 7 on a track with the ocean in the background and Croc was commenting on how it always rains there and turn 3 becomes complicated.
  12. Thats a good idea I haven't heard yet. Not going to hurt to back flush it. I'm starting to get brown deposits back in the pressure tank. Not sure if it's remnants of rust, current rust or blowby from HG at the moment.
  13. Very nice unit. Buyer will regret not finding a way to grab this as well. This can be towed with most passenger cars with a class II trailer with a 7 on it. @Brightonuk Looks like a 4 pin plug with no brakes right?
  14. Steady holding 19 now for over an hour. Not going to try going higher than that. Will try the 12psi fuel cap on next run.
  15. Solid advice @ashyers & @CarlB and others. Found a few small seeps from hoses and tightened them up. Holding 16 right now steady for a long period! Do I need to shoot/check for higher? Also do I need to find a cap that holds more than 12 psi?
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