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  1. You might want to get in touch with Redline Components in the UK. They don’t have much of a web presence but they are very responsive to emails or phone calls.
  2. i'd say it's definitely new fuel tank time. my car had a fuel cell in it at one point and i was pulling foam out of my fuel filter until quite recently.
  3. My car has a BDR in it, but I'm wet sumped so not too much to add. I've been gathering information about BDR motors but they're hen's teeth in the states. I found it very helpful to join the British 7 club, lots of good information over there. If you can speak Japanese the BDR has a serious cult following over there.
  4. i put 30 psi in my tires if i know the car is going to sit for more than two weeks. i don't know if it does any good, but it's not a big deal to air them down when it's time to go for a drive. i haven't had any flat spotting issues so i'll keep doing things the same way. as far as the rest goes, i do like everyone else. fill the gas tank, add sta-bil, and pull the battery disconnect. i'm a big believer in fuel stabilizers for long term storage. the ethanol added to gasoline these days loves to absorb water from the atmosphere and that causes all sorts of interesting issues. some
  5. I ended up making a set of brackets myself because I didn't want to have to drill any holes in anything. I ended up with this: and here with the mirror: the worst part was sourcing the longer 2BA screws to attach the bracket to the stanchion/windscreen. i'm very happy with the setup, very good visibility and it looks good if i do say so myself. edit: sorry about the giant pictures, not sure what happened there...
  6. I went up for the first time this year. I had a great time and there was some fun stuff there. I have to agree about the course and crowd control, seems like a bad interaction between a spectator and a car on track is inevitable if they keep doing things the same way. It will be a shame because I feel like it's a good event with a lot of potential.
  7. I hear you about the clamps but the roof isn't an issue for me. I got those clamps from Summit Racing and I think they're intended for a Jeep or something like that. I'm sure with a bit more poking around one could find something more elegant but I figure I'll live with it as is for a little while, I can always revisit it in the future.
  8. Thanks. I was leaning toward Areomotive or possibly the Weber one. I put a new diaphragm in the Holley and installed a fuel pressure gauge and it seems to be rock steady at 3 psi. I'll run it as is with the gauge in place and see if anything changes.
  9. Here's the light. I attached it to the roll bar with a couple of clamps: I tapped into the power going to the right rear brake light and picked up a chassis ground in approximately the same location. No pics of that because it's a little hard to see what's actually going on. I wired in a flasher relay that I found on ebay. It lives in the little box with a switch to allow me to turn it off if I need to. Please excuse the appearance of the trunk area, my car was built with the intention of it being a track only vehicle and I'm between trunk carpets at the moment. When
  10. My car is fitted with a Holley fuel pressure regulator. I noticed that it was weeping fuel out of the vent hole the other day and sure enough the diaphragm was shot. I have a rebuild kit on the way and I've decided to actually test the fuel pressure to make sure it's doing it's job correctly. My research has uncovered that those Holley regulators have a reputation for poor function and reliability. If I don't like the results of my testing what regulator should I look at? My engine bay is a little tight, so smaller is better.
  11. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I ended up fabbing up something out of various bits. I ended up putting a flasher relay on it but I've got a switch in the trunk so it can be turned off if necessary. In a fit of creativity I also put everything together with weather pack connectors so the whole thing can be taken off in about a minute if needed.
  12. looks like a lotus twin cam to me. with the snail it should be a very quick car.
  13. I'm planning to put a third brake light on my roll bar to slightly reduce the chance of a soccer mom rolling over me in a 6000 lb. suv. My car is an '87 so I don't have connectors for the tail lights so my plan was to get a 12" LED light bar and just tap into the wiring going to either the left or right tail lights. Seem like a sound plan or would I be better off running dedicated wiring from the brake light switch? The list of little things this car needs never seems to get any shorter.
  14. I noticed today that the carpeting is peeling off of my transmission tunnel. It looks like it was stuck on with some sort of contact cement originally. I was just going to clean it up and stick it back down with some high temp contact cement, Pliobond 35 or similar. If anyone has a better idea I'd be interested.
  15. BSW and BSF have a 55° thread angle so you can't really read a good thread pitch with a 60° SAE or metric thread pitch gauge. If you are going to deal with british cars a whitworth thread gauge is a good tool to have lying around. my rule of thumb is that if you can't get a read on it with a regular gauge it's probably british. things get really interesting when you get into the BA fasteners which have a 47.5° thread angle. then there's BSC, BSPP, and BSPT. the brits were quite fond of creating screw thread systems for specific applications. i'm a big hit at parties.
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