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    120 mph in either skydiving, flying (Cessna 182) or racing a Formula Mazda & now a Brunton SS
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  1. Power steering? I've had mine go out completely on track on a hot day in as few as 4 laps. But then it came back as I backed off and drove 70%. Did that consistently thru 3 sessions. Everyone I asked told me it was overheated fluid. I put a small transmission type cooler on it (the 3-4" diameter aluminum tube type with fins going thru it for full contact with the fluid). Besides the fins cooling, I doubled the volume of the PS fluid which of course also helps the cooling as well. If you have a manual rack I have no clue
  2. I had my right hip replaced about 16 months ago. I did not have any problem getting into or out of the car before, so I never gave a thought to it possibly being an issue after. And there wasn't. I have not heard anyone say there is a downside to a hip replacement after the couple months of recovery and therapy. Piece of cake if you ask me.
  3. dimensions: 25-1/8" long 8-1/2 wide 11-5/8 deep. sump on bottom 10-1/4" long 1-1/2 wide 1-3/4 deep plumbing as shown projects 2-1/2" above top of tank
  4. yes, it's true there are some very economical helmets that have the SNELL certification. And all helmets are tested the same regardless of cost. Which raises the question of why some club racing helmets are so much more than others. Fit and comfort, the paramount criteria, are more about your head shape if you accept that the SNELL test is more than adequate for club racing. Carbon Fiber is available for under $400 if you like that idea. There are other personal preferences but to a lay person, it's hard to easily understand how the basic cost, like $4000, can be so high. And som
  5. I knew the original testing engineer for the Snell lab in Sacramento CA. He retired just 10 years ago and gave some of us the cook's tour of the surprisingly modest but effective facility. There's a lot to helmet tech. If anyone's interested, check out the website: http://www.smf.org/helmetfaq
  6. would love to go but have other commitments.
  7. Warning, if you're looking at more bad weather in the next few days, and can't even think about taking a drive, :nopity:don't watch this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b7yqgi714sswzrv/AAB8m-xstS6qO53sOdmTz2wFa?dl=0 For all it's faults, central CA has world class race tracks and some primo cruising roads. Chris with this Birkin got some work recent done at my fabricator, Mike Tolle who introduced us. A perfect day for a drive.
  8. Wow, 15 gallons; would love to see what that tank looks like !!! Gorgeous car; and a bargain. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I wasn't so newly invested in sorting mine. Would love to see that on the track.
  9. Nice pic.:hurray:.......but obviously photoshopped; I mean, seriously, where's the traffic??? :rofl: I saw the road like that when I drove it regularly..............47 years ago. anyway, glad you found some space and had a fantastic scenery shot.
  10. First I had overheating problems, then a fuel pump died quite unexpectedly, then weird, erratic, unpredictable ignition issues. Finally, I am motoring happily again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7ss6jgif1a4xde/Lotus%20drive%20w%20Willie.mpg?dl=0
  11. I might be interested. How much does it weigh if you don't mind getting the bathroom scale out. And where are you located? (to guess at shipping cost) Thanks.
  12. For sale: a nice aluminum tank with a sump that came out of Super Stalker #154. Holds about 8.5 to 9 gallons. I replaced it with a Fuel Safe fuel cell for on-track safety; no other reason; no leaks, like new shape. This tank that I'm selling was a replacement by the original builder adding a sump and 2 baffle walls for minimizing fuel slosh and fuel starvation on track in long high G corners. Here is the link to the build pics for the original tank (not the one I'm selling). The reason I post this is to show how the tank is plumbed and other details of the installation that may b
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