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  1. Very nice. Top notch work on that. I have fancy paint on mine and to my shock, its holding up after 26000 miles. Who'd have thought!
  2. Headed out at 0-Dark-30 and did my usual drive before the heat o' the day got me. Its been a wet year. The desert is really in bloom. I did my part to reduce the gnat population, judging by my windshield.
  3. Don't worry-- He didn't leave the timing aggressive. He was confused by the way it was behaving and was just fiddling to see if he could pin it down. He dialed it back down to a safe level. He actually agreed with you 100% and said he felt like something was holding it back but he couldn't think of what that would be. I kinda feel like it vibrates more than it used to before I changed out the computer and EDIS4 and fuel pressure regulator and coils. I've checked the mounts and other bolts alternator mounts and they're good. 160hp is pretty boring but remember it was at 4000 feet and I li
  4. I sure wish my Birkin had an "easy lift-off cowl". I spent 2 hours taking mine off and putting it back on only to find out that the wires I needed to get to were easy to access from the underside all along! Its just so hard to see whats going on from the underside. Stalkers' one-piece upper body is certainly a mechanic's dream, even though its less 'classic super seven'. Isn't it funny how colorful sevens are? They're like VW Bugs-- You can get away with any color or paint scheme and they look good. Bright green is sure popular lately, and I have to say, I really like how the flat
  5. Wow what a beauty! I cant wait to see more pictures and hear more details about it.
  6. I just got my ZX3 dyno tuned last week. The guy that did it was a true expert, knew the Megasquirt II well, and was amused by the open loop type of tuning (No vacuum-- Jenvey TBs with 2 inch intake manifold makes generating a smooth vacuum impossible even with a canister). He said that most of the real tuning would be accell enrichment tweaks once the base map was complete. Here's what he said: Max HP 160 at the wheels and decent torque. But he was at a loss for some of the engine's quirks. He'd never seen an engine less sensitive to adjustments in timing, especially at the high end.
  7. Pasted this from their latest news letter regarding Price Fixing.... Dorman, a supplier to RockAuto for more than fifteen years, now demands all retailers sell at the same price (or higher) -- or not sell at all. The policy looks like an attempt to protect auto part chain stores and their "charge double what we paid" mark-ups, in the face of slowing sales and plunging stock prices. RockAuto is an independent, family-owned retailer. We work hard to provide reliably low prices, on all the parts your car will ever need. Our customers depend on their vehicles to get to work, school an
  8. Yeah thats the problem with some of these roads this time of year. The asphalt has shed some bits of grit and you have to take it a little slower. But thats ok because it'd be a shame to miss the scenery.
  9. Driving the seven is a different experience now that I've moved out of the city and into the desert. There are no corners for forty miles above 35mph. If you take off or stop quickly, there's nobody to notice. The scenery, though, is amazing right from the front door. Several times per day I have to just stop and take it in. I've been having some fun with the camera and I'm sure I'll be taking a lot of pictures in the future. Here are a few recent ones: This picture was taken a couple miles up the road from the house at Millsite Reservoir. Another shot. These were pictur
  10. That cobra is going to look great. Its one of the most beautiful car shapes, in my opinion. Color sanding will probably take more than a couple weekends. With some brands of clearcoat you need to get it done within a time window, and you need to get the room as warm as possible to keep the paint soft. Regarding your exhaust leaks. I used some black tar-like stuff on the collector and it worked well. For a while. I think the tar stuff has dried up and vibrated enough that some exhaust is leaking out again. I'm seeing some odd readings on my O2 sensor which is a few inches down the p
  11. Megasquirt II is what I'm using. Isn't this pretty much the standard out there for modifying a fuel injected engine? 650 bucks + a $100 ford EDIS unit and you're set. The main problem is too much documentation. As for the tuning though, you'll have to get it running and take it to a dyno shop or something. I have mine 'best guess' but I know it could do better with the help of an expert tuner.
  12. I once had the big idea to teflon coat the inside of a cup for a siphon-feed paint gun. Oh, how it was going to make my life easier! I must be a genius! Well. I had a friend do it (He worked at a military contractor and he'd sometimes do gun parts etc too). I filled the cup with primer and rotated the clamp lever. It bent the posts 20 degrees with no effort. Apparently that aluminum that the cup was made from completely changed properties when baked at 550 degrees. It had become as soft as lead. So much for that grand scheme. I had to withdraw my application to MENSA in shame.
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