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  1. One of the best things about doing the swap, funnily enough, was the V70R seats. They are great. I'm trying to get the seat heaters to work. The 960's electrical system is more "old school" whereas the V70 seats are computer controlled/influenced. The same old story: the last 10% takes 90% of the time!!
  2. I too have a Volvo wagon. A 960 (one of the last RWD Volvos) that I swapped a Chevy LS motor. I put in better front seats (V70R), brakes and stiffer springs. Other than that its stock. Not super quick but it keeps up with modern traffic, has carrying capacity yet isn't too big, can tow a Seven, is old enough to be maintained by me and doesn't draw attention to itself. it looks like a college professors car. My only pretence of academic excellence!! I would love a Mercedes or Cadillac hot wagon but their electrical systems scare me and I would trash it cosmetically hauling trash to the dump! As
  3. Hello, I live just outside DC (Bethesda/Chevy Chase) and have an SV. If you want to try it on for size please contact me.
  4. Hi guys. Not a Seven specific question but one I think many might be interested in. I took my old Jag out for a run today and one of my Goodyears blew out on me- steel wires coming out through the sidewall. I don't believe I hit or drove over anything. The tires are 10 years old and have plenty of thread left, I think they aged out. Has anyone any real information (not marketing spiel) on tire longevity- as against wear. I put less than 2,000 miles per year on it so they will rot before they wear out. I don't drive her like the Caterham so traction is not as big an issue as it is in my Caterha
  5. The Phileas Fogg association was a Freudian slip. I didn't think of it, although with his hectic travel schedule I'm sure he's been "Around the World n Eighty Days" more than once. My Saville Row reference was referring to a area of London that has a reputation for high quality bespoke tailoring and nothing is too much to ask for. It seems to me that CatKong is one mans vision of what the ultimate Seven trackway car could be. This behavior should be wholeheartedly encouraged. I can't wait to see it. Whats next........CatZilla??
  6. Mike, I have not posted in a while but I check in to the website pretty regularly. Congrats on the arrival of your "new baby". When she learns to walk she will keep you on your toes!!! You have got to love an la carte Caterham. This one is a BEAST..... With your vast experience of these cars and your network of contacts i think you have ticked off all the boxes. A Saville Row Caterham. If I might suggest: if you decide later on you need a handbrake, the drag race boys use a hydraulic line lock that will keep your brake pads pinched. They are small and can be incorporated into your existing
  7. ottocycle


    Cool video Skip. It should be a public service announcement. If more people were better informed more people would take this blight seriously. Thanks for posting it. Dermot.
  8. Thanks guys for your input. I appreciate all your feedback. Mike, its encouraging that I can gain 2.5" by removing the seat rails. My worry was going too low so that my butt "bottoms" out. I have never bottomed the rear but needed info on how much I could safely drop the seat to improve the seating. The idea os sitting in rather than on the car is appealing. Jerry, John, Wemtd, Pamamericano and Dave: Thanks for your advice on hats and glasses. You have given me something to work with. I tried normal baseball hats and they have blown off. I found a site that sells hats that are designed fo
  9. Hello all, I have not posted in a while though I check in from time to time. I wanted to go to NJMP this year but we were in the UK at the time. Hopefully next year. About a month ago I had my first l long blat in my 2004 SV. I took a 5 hour RT trip to take a ride in a WW2 Mitchell B-25 bomber. It was a hot day and it drew my attention to a few issues I need to address before next season. Issue 1. I would like to lower the drivers side floor, I'm 6'3". I looked on the Caterham site to find out about lowering the floor but could only find the "kit" they sell with no dimensions. I co
  10. I am sorry I cannot attend the event next week. I have too much going on but I will be there next year. I am sorry I will not playing with everyone this time and to those who never played before you are in for a treat. A great track and a great bunch of guys. Thanks again to Tom and Mike. Have fun guys........ I am so jealous. Dermot.
  11. Tom & Mike, Sorry for the tardy response but I'm not as active here as I once was. Thanks again for the efforts you make organizing everything, I know it will be another wonderful event. I will be a last minute sign up but will move heaven and earth to get there. I will keep you posted. Dermot. PS: Anyone need a roommate?
  12. I do not wish to hijack this thread but does anyone have a good recipe for a "chemical soup" that will clean old carb bodies? I have yet to find one and do not like the idea of beadblasting Webers. Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong format. Dermot
  13. I too want to thank Mike and Tom for all their hard work in putting this fantastic event together. It was great to meet old friends and make some new ones. I am only sorry I did not get a chance to chat with everyone. Next year hopefully. I will be better prepared with new tires and the oil issue solved. I cannot recommend this event enough. It's a blast! If you can make it do so... Thanks again.
  14. I believe I am ready. There I am tempting the devil again. I finished making a sump guard today, not so much for the track but for the drive up 95 from Washington. It has been such a hectic year I have not had the time to recommmission my trailer so I will drive her up to the track. Hopefully my arm restraints will arrive tomorrow as promised. Looking forward to seeing everyone Friday. Cheers, Dermot. PS: If anyone who is attending has a June copy of Octane magazine they no longer need please bring it along. I was out of the country most of June and missed the opportunity to get min
  15. Hello all, A quick post to say the car arrived and i am happy with her. A few things to do before NJMP buy I hope to be there. We fly to Ireland for my niece's wedding but I hope to get to her when I return. I will put together a post on the whole experience of buying a car unseen, long distance when I get a moment but for now she is safe and sound in my shop. I will try to attach a photo. PS: Mazda, thanks for the good wishes. We will talk when I get back. I would love to hear about the plane./Users/dermot/Desktop/image1.JPG
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