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  1. Sadly, I am still seeking a replacement HPC wheel.
  2. I am looking for a Caterham wheel, 16" x J7, ET19, PCD 4.25" (108mm) these seem to also be known as a 5 spoke HPC wheel.See attached example. I am located in Phoenix, AZ. TIA
  3. Hi DaveD, I have sent a PM.
  4. catsv7

    Temp Sender

    I don't know if all VDO senders have the same temperature/resistance relationship. However, I used a VDO 323095 Temperature Sender to measure oil temperature and sent the signal through a switch to my water temp gauge (2002 Caterham). I needed to add a resistor inline to make the displayed temperature correct. So this approach might be an option for you.
  5. I have a 2002 Caterham with a Pectel T2 ecu. I have the Descprow software and with it I have sucessfully interfaced with the ecu. However, I would like to offload the recorded data from the ecu. I believe there is a Pectel program called "datalog" to help off load the data but I am not sure. Does anyone know for sure? If Datalog is the correct program, does anyone know where I can obtain a copy? TIA
  6. Tom, Thanks for the additional AFR guidance.
  7. Update from last weekend I put in the new 30lb high impedace injectors, drained the old fuel, changed the fuel filter, put in fresh high octane fuel. Another Caterham owner with the same ecu, TB and engine setup as I provided ECU maps to try. Then …. 1. First, I started the car with the old maps … it ran worse than before, AFR at idle >22, running rough. Trying to accelerate engine motor just cause it to quit. 2. Second, I load in the new ecu maps. I was doing some basic checking of the maps and noticed the TPS table lookup was reversed from my map. Probably just a matter of method used to wire the sensor. So I created a new version of the map with the TPS table from my old map. 3. I loaded the revised ecu map into my ecu and started the car. It runs very well, no more rough idle, AFR at idle ~12. A short run up and down the street had smooth throttle response, and responsive, no more back firing on throttle lift and AFR’s ~13 at 35 mph.
  8. 1turbofocus et al, I have contacted Cosworth and they confirmed that low impedance injectors are not compatible with the Pectel T2 (the ecu I have). I have 30 lb high impedance injectors "in the mail" so to speak. Thanks again for everyone's continuing interest and input.
  9. More progress ... 1. I replaced the ignition/coil pack .... no measurable change. 2. I got a new DMM and re-measured the fuel injector impedance .... they are all low at ~2.5 ohms and consequently a miss-match for the Pectel T2. 3. I plumbed in a fuel pressure pressure gauge, it was reporting ~54 psi at idle 4. I got a LM-2 and measured the lambda at idle as 1.25, I raised fuel pressure regulator setpoint to 57.5 to get lambda to a safer value of 1.15 I need to replace the injector with a high impedance kind .... any suggestions/experience?
  10. Thanks for everyone's help. Progress has been slow on my part. I finally got a interface cable to the Pectel T2 ECU. I tested the cable with the DeskproW software and confirmed that software recognized the ecu. I don't have a local contact with someone using a SCT XCAL3 or XCAL4. I have new O2 sensor but I have not installed it. I did check the exhaust back pressure just to make sure it wasn't horrible, it was bouncing on the gauge a lot at 2500 rpm, I had more than 3ft of tubing from the bung to the gauge, the average value was ~1 1/4 psi.
  11. I just wanted to given an update. I hva been making progress bit by bit. I have replaced items in the following steps. 1. the spark plugs, ignition wires, 2. camshaft position sensor, 3. alternator, and crankshaft position sensor. With each step I got a noticable improvement. Fuel injectors are working but probably need to be sent for maintenance. Thanks for everyone's thoughtfull suggestions
  12. I recently purchased a pre-owned Caterham SV (2002 build?). It is missing under acceleration, backfiring under throttle lift, the tail pipe is black and there is the smell of raw fuel. I have no build documentation for the car. It does have 2.0L Zetec with TWM throttle bodies and pectel ECU. The was in storage for ~7 yrs (guessing) and had sta-bil in the fuel tank. The fuel tank was drained and filled with fresh fuel and injector cleaner. The alternator is producing 13.5v. I do not have a the pectel interface cable or Descpro software. I am looking for help/suggestions to troubleshoot the problem. TIA Greg
  13. Thanks to everyone for the very helpful responses.
  14. Off Road SHO, Thanks for the short blat offer. There is some deferred maintenance that I need address before any trips. Sean, Thanks for the chassis decoder. By its use I also able to confirm SV status, chassis date of 2002, LHD, and KIT. scannon, Thanks, for your inquiries and passing along the information from Nathan Down, a bit of history I would not have otherwise.
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