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  1. A nice one from the LoCost side of things. <http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=20903>
  2. Check LocostUSA I think there are several builders in OR. Kinetic is also located there. Caterham s have come up for sale there so i expect it can be done within reason (unlike some States where it’s nearly impossible). There may also be local/PDX regulations & inspections to check for
  3. I know quantum mechanics in oxford ct has been the go to shop for our gearbox repairs.. do you have other shops on retainer?
  4. Any luck finding a more adventuresome locksmith, or take a set of files & calipers to your blank until you have something that works?
  5. That'll definitely help with all the 'covid baggage'
  6. wemtd

    oil cooler

    I found the 1" thick thermostatic sandwich plate offset the oil filter too far beneath the car for comfort (even with an extra short filter). This led me to order a Raceline.co.uk straight oil filter adapter. I picked it up from the post-office and installed it this morning and am very pleased thus far. The filter no longer extends beneath the chassis and is just above the diagonal frame member in the picture below. Last week I added upper supports to the radiator to secure the oil cooler. With sunny weather forecast for Friday I hope to test out my winter projects.
  7. I've had several recommendations for Stable energies in Garfield NJ I plan to drive down this month to look for a better fit than I have right now. HMS in Devens may also have a selection in stock but may be further away from you than Garfield.
  8. wemtd

    Bleed screw

    found it: 2005 GTI rear calipers.
  9. wemtd

    Bleed screw

    Does anyone know the size/thread pitch was used for Birkin rear caliper brake bleeder screws from ~2010 ? i know calipers are a lightly machined VW source. When I checked with my parts store guru this afternoon he handed me an ~M10x1 bleeder screw which is much larger than what’s on my car. P.
  10. Dr Hasegawa Thank you for sharing, I've always enjoyed your drive photos for the past 10 years ! p.
  11. wemtd


    Previously the foam rubber stripping around my bonnet needed replacing. I tried to replace it with foam weather striping which was too thick and quickly fell apart. This go around I found a thin silicone anti-chafe strip from Aircraft Spruce. So far it’s thin enough not to obstruct fitment of the bonnet and looks high quality. With contact adhesive installation went surprisingly smoothly. Three or four more things to do and I’ll be
  12. Any chance you can get it welded together? My former neighbor fixed my handbrake cable.
  13. 2nd that. I ordered my harness through them. very helpful folks
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