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  1. Jerry....have just been talking about you I think....see above....how are you?....had a great season (as in my best FTD performance yet)....Mel
  2. SanderGA is exactly right...mine was built by Jerry Eddens in Mo in 2004 ...picture in in my icon....Mel
  3. I have a 9 year old set of Falkens. They have lots of tread on them, and are not weather checked in any way. Looking at them only, they would sell for new. In autoX they are 3 seconds slower than new ones. Often 4 seconds. (I know this because of cording a set oh Hoosiers but not having the replacements in inventory). I try to replace tires at 3 years to insure maximum performance. Oh, and I put 209 miles on my 7 this year.
  4. I have a Subaru LSD, and don't get severe oversteer, but do lift the inside rear wheel on tight corners. That causes the inside rear wheel to spin. I am looking to add a front sway bar to keep the front flat, and thereby keep the rear flat. The only time I get oversteer is when I trail brake or engage the throttle too quickly.
  5. I am in Mt now, but will be in Mesa in January.....if you still have the bar I would love to look at it....my phone is 406 223-1515....lets be in touch
  6. Thanks Anker. My ride does not have a front or rear sway bar, but does have an LSD. In a hard corner, it lifts the inside rear tire, and the LSD wants some traction to limit spin. So I am looking to find a way to put a sway bar on the front. That should limit wheel lifting.
  7. I have a 2004 WCM 7, and in autocross will pick up the inside rear wheel when cornering tight. That of course leads to wheel spin. A friend of mine with a Westfield, says a front sway bar would help hold the rear flat and down. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has achieved that install. Thanks, Mel
  8. I bought the sister of Paul's WCM Lotus 7. Bought it two years ago from his friend Jerry in St Louis. I am 6 ft 5 inches, with size 13 shoes. I had to raise the steering wheel 3 inches, and make the foot well 1/2 inch wider by removing a cardboard side wall. Those mods were really quite simple, and now I autocross the car with great passion. Given my size, I had the same issues with footwell room, but with relatively easy mods, I am now having the most fun I have had with a car. Oh, and I race in wrestling shoes. Only 4 inches narrow. I can't drive my friends Westfield 7, because when
  9. Have purchased many tires from Tire Rack over the last 12 years.....they have always done an excellent job for me.....their advice was spot on also....
  10. the thread below talks about dampers....my question is what adjustable dampers fit a 2004 WMC Ultratlite?....also, my ride does not have a front sway bar---what is the best way to add one?....I will be auto Xing the car and need the back to follow the front....Mel
  11. John...Mel here....I bought Jerry Ebben's WMC Ultralite 2004, and will be Auto Xing it....I am looking for ideas for adjustable dampers to keep the front stiff and the rear less so...where would you start to look?....thanks
  12. As of August last year, Jerry Edden's WCM Lotus came to live in my garage in Montana. I snow birded all winter so only auto crossed it once----and from the first of five runs on, the car made it clear it has a lot to teach me. Previously I auto crossed a 2006 Miata set up to STR. Turns out that ride was quite forgiving of trail braking, and developed a bad habit there. The Lotus is not that forgiving. What great fun to tweek developed instincts into other instincts. First event is Evo school the first of May. Have taken 3 of them before, but this is the first one repeat, and I figure
  13. van on a lift wrong?....No, it just shows he is secure in his masculinity.....lol
  14. Congratulations. Finally got to joining this forum. Who says retirement gives you extra time to get things done? Enjoy the awards party this week. Mel
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