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  1. You are right. Mine is 15. But 185/55 vs 185/60 is about 3% difference in diameter. I think many tire size has that much variance from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  2. I just put some toyo r888r 195 width on my car. Based on my calculation, these tires can easily last maybe 6-10k miles, which is about 5 years driving for me. Well worth a new set.
  3. Received the title today and of course mvd put "seven" as model instead of "specon"... I think I will just leave it for now... @panamericano thank you!
  4. I want to share my experience on Caterham registration in AZ here, so maybe future buyers can have smoother process. I bought my 2017 420s from washington state. And there, the car is registered as 2017 kitv Caterham. So I was wondering what the registration process will be like in AZ and since I live in phoenix metro area, if the car is registered as 2017, it is possible that I need go thru emission test, etc. And... For emission test, they need obd2 which 7s don't have... So my goal is to register the car as a replica of 1957 lotus 7 so that I can bypass all the regulations.
  5. Hello all, I am the new owner of this car. Thanks for the help during the purchasing process from @skyoungand @BruceBe!
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