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  1. Update: the brake does lock up if I press hard enough using R888Rs. So I may be just not familiar with cars without brake booster. And I can notice, with a bit temp the brake grabs significantly harder. So maybe the pads are kinda race pads.
  2. Oh. Mustang turns. Just need some crowds as bait.
  3. Thanks. I haven't brought the cat on track yet so not sure about how the brakes perform when hot. But all the observation I had was on street and i used almost no brakes on street so I would say they are very cold... And actually I am not sure what pads are in the car right now... Will test with pads warmed up more and get back.
  4. Thank you for your advice! I guess I need more experiments then. I did notice when brake warms up, it grabs better. But I can hardly get them warm on street...
  5. Hi there, I have had my 420s for a few months now. One thing I am not sure is brake. It just does not give me the feeling that I am used to have in other cars. Maybe I am not used to non-boosted brakes? My car is 420s w/ standard brake MC and 4 piston calipers w/ original pads (good condition). I flushed the brake fluid with new ones recently but the pedal feeling before and after is the same. And I check there is no leak A few questions: 1. Sometimes, when I hard brake, the rev goes up. I think I didn't accidentally press the gas pedal... Anything can cause this? To my understanding, our cars have non-boosted brake, so the booster, rev thing is not here? 2. For normal brake, it feels fine and actually, we don't need to brake too much in these cars... But to brake hard, I really need to press the pedal really really hard, and it never locks up. Although I never got the pads to high temp and I am on Toyo R888r. Is this normal? I am in AZ and I don't know any other 7 owners... So hard to find another one to try out... 3. From what I understand, upgraded MC won't help on this and it will make the pedal even harder to press? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!
  6. Had an early morning drive last week and took some pic for my car.
  7. I actually have this mirror coming with my car. But I am never used to it.
  8. I always find some driving without side mirrors on the highway is a bit of sketchy... after looking the fancy solution from EU, i decide to figure out an easier way by myself. Bought some quality motorcycle chrome mirrors and tap the windscreen mid hole into M10x1.25 thread. Here we go! I am pretty happy about the solution and it is completely reversible since the bolt goes to the mid hole doesn't use that threa d on stand at all!
  9. I would say depending on your experience and are you pushing the 10/10th. If not, that's something i won't worry too much.
  10. Another option might be using simpson hybrid s instead. It is designed for even 3pt seat belt, so I would think it is fine with off center harness.
  11. And @BruceBemay have zzs for sale.
  12. You are right. Mine is 15. But 185/55 vs 185/60 is about 3% difference in diameter. I think many tire size has that much variance from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  13. I just put some toyo r888r 195 width on my car. Based on my calculation, these tires can easily last maybe 6-10k miles, which is about 5 years driving for me. Well worth a new set.
  14. Received the title today and of course mvd put "seven" as model instead of "specon"... I think I will just leave it for now... @panamericano thank you!
  15. I want to share my experience on Caterham registration in AZ here, so maybe future buyers can have smoother process. I bought my 2017 420s from washington state. And there, the car is registered as 2017 kitv Caterham. So I was wondering what the registration process will be like in AZ and since I live in phoenix metro area, if the car is registered as 2017, it is possible that I need go thru emission test, etc. And... For emission test, they need obd2 which 7s don't have... So my goal is to register the car as a replica of 1957 lotus 7 so that I can bypass all the regulations. To get that, I directly schedule a level 2 inspection since I guessed if I just simply transfer the title, the will carry on the info on title. Went to tempe inspection station first, although I am late, I felt they just done want to deal with it. Then I scheduled another level 2 inspection at scottsdale, where they are much more familiar and friendly with kit cars. Basically, I just let them know my intention to change the car info and provided info like title, statement of origin, etc. They gave me a new tag with AZ vin and an inspection sheet iding my car as special constructed resemble of 1957 lotus 7. Then i just went to normal mvd windows to get the car registered as 1957 lotus 7 even with a historical plate! No more emission test etc! The scottsdale station staffs are just very helpful and nice. And since there are so few of 7s in AZ, almost all of them in the station came out to have a look at the car!😄 Lastly, I hate to say this but Hillbank AZ gave me very poor impression now. They are the only dealer for Caterham in AZ so I called them before purchase the car. They were more trying to sell their cars than helping out on registration. I guess it is understandable but I guess that might be one of the reason there are so few 7s in AZ. I found very little info on this when I tried to look for these info so I figured it may help some one like me later on! Now, time to enjoy my seven!
  16. Hello all, I am the new owner of this car. Thanks for the help during the purchasing process from @skyoungand @BruceBe!
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