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  1. I moved to Oregon from Southern California three years ago. I believe what you propose will work. Your daughter will have to title and register the car in Oregon. Your name can be on the title as co-owner. The car will have to be VIN inspected at a Oregon DMV office before proceeding with title and registration. You don’t need inspection at the nearest DMV, or even in Multnomha county. I would choose an appointment office in a small town reasonably close to your daughters residence. Quiet, easy parking, friendly service. The Oregon DMV website is pretty straightforward with the instructions.
  2. Hi Adam, my 1990 Caterham has the identical linkage, and failed bushing. I have new bushings from Dave Bean, but also can’t figure out R&R procedure. Looks like the silent block rubber will be destroyed in order to install the new spherical bushing. How did yours go? cheers, Brad I do have an issue with worn shifter bushings. I've disassembled and the forward bushing are shot. I've searched the forum here as well as online and haven't found a source. I expect Dave Bean Engineering may have what I need, but any other pointers here for parts and R&R procedure?
  3. Hello S7 enthusiasts. I have a 1990 Caterham Super Sprint, live axel, four speed. I bought the car from Vince Hayden Cars in 1997, when they were in Salisbury. I drove in England for several days then Hayden Cars disassembled it, and shipped the parts to me. After assembly at home in Escondido Ca, it was one of the first SB100 cars in California. Today I live on the southern Oregon coast. I’m retired from the medical device business, where I was an engineer and manager. I also enjoy my 67 Elan, and a couple of 50’s Alfa Giuliettas. Cheers, Brad
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