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  1. Tom. That's great! You got someone to talk to. If you don't mind sharing the number that would be great. Please keep us posted on how things go
  2. The weird thing is, I've heard lots of people being told stuff by DMV or BAR but nothing seems to be in writing! My understanding of SB100 is: 1/ The car is sold as a kit. 2/ The engine is sold separately. 3/ The kit is built and the engine is installed. I don't see anywhere where it says you can't install the same engine in all the kits. I don't see where it says you can't pay someone to build the kit! Apparently Caterham has also come under scrutiny because it sells complete cars in England. I think one of the situations that stirred this up is
  3. Since I'm presently one of the people caught up in the California SB100 clusterf*ck! A thought crossed my mind. My daughter is a student at Portland State University. She will be going back to in person classes in September and will have a Portland address. She already has an Oregon drivers license. I'm thinking of "giving" the car to her (she's going to get it when I die) and registering it in Oregon. Has anyone here registered a Caterham in Oregon and what's involved? Cheers John Norris
  4. Here's my story. I bought my first Caterham in 2009 it was a 91 from Michigan. I registered it in California through SB100, but when the economy slowed down I had to sell it in 2012. In 2018 I retired and bought my second Caterham, a 2001 with a Zetec. The car of my dreams! It was already registered in California, but as a "Caterham" not "SPCNS" as it should. The problem with that is it required smog test every two years. Obviously that was not going to work. But I loved the car and have done SB100 before so I set about getting it registered correctly. I live near the T
  5. Hey George. Congratulations on your new Super 7 purchase. A great looking car. What a great way to start the New Year!
  6. It's surely a nice car! Whoever wins this is going to enjoy it. I was wondering about a solid axle car with a 5 speed? I thought they all had 4 speeds
  7. Since Croc is out on the North Sea (jealous) This just popped up on Fleabay. Interested to hear what you'all think. Did Caterham make a '67? Windshield looks odd. Am I the only person who thinks that's Derek Bell? https://www.ebay.com/itm/283575508222?ul_noapp=true
  8. Lotus 7 S2 - seen this car at Owl Head museum once when I was there https://maine.craigslist.org/cto/d/s...938383194.html I want to know what size wheels and tires it has? I love the "steamroller" look of the front!
  9. It's no 7! But I think it's kinda cool looking. Put the Revolutions on and cut the windshield down and it may not be too bad.
  10. Interesting. Does anyone know what that grey gadget is parked next to it?
  11. Awesome car! Maybe I missed it but I see no contact info. Can you post a phone # or an email addy?
  12. That black Superlight looks nice, decent price too. However I can't help but think "somewhere there's a dunebuggy without a steering wheel"
  13. Mr Astro. You first mission at Wirewheel, should you accept. Is check out that BDR powered 7. Providing they still have it when I sell this awsome race car that nobody seems to want!!!
  14. New back on this site. I'm shopping for another 7. What do you mean about "Autocourseinc"?
  15. 1/ The Porsche was headed to the pit lane (Drivers Right) 2/ If Nissan didn't want people to not see them, don't paint your car that stealthy flat black! Didn't they learn anything from LeMans? 3/ I can't watch that car and not think of this: 4/ Call me old fashioned, but I don't want this car to succeed. It just looks wrong to me! The only reason it's fast is, super light weight and no frontal area. 5/ It's got be a bitch to drive. You have to leave a set amount of room with the front so that the rear clips the apex. Plus when passing when you stick the nose in will th
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