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  1. My understanding is that the "track day roll bar" plus the petty strut meets FIA requirements. The bar alone does not. I'm sure someone can confirm.
  2. The FIA bar is definitely a different beast. IIRC, smaller diameter tubing and thicker walls.
  3. Thanks Bruce. In a bit of a plot twist, Caterham responded and said both parts are the same bar, and the only difference is whether or not it comes with the 'fixings kit'. Seems like they need to standardize on their naming and photos, and add some descriptions.
  4. I think you might be on to something here. I found some photos that may agree with that. Straight: Sloping:
  5. I received some info from Josh @ Rocky Mountain Caterham last night: ...the "Standard" trackday bar is more versatile and accommodates taller folk a little better. For pure track use, sloping one pairs better with a Petty strut, a la the older imperial FIA bars.
  6. Makes sense, I guess. Any benefit to one over the other? Are they both the same height?
  7. Sorry Bruce - Apparently I forgot how to copy & paste today. Just realized both of the link in the post were the same, so I've edited it. Caterham has two track-day bars for the metric chassis, one described as 'sloping' and the other not. That's the question
  8. Thanks - I'm not even sure which bar I want now that I've looked at their site. Anyone know the difference between: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/track-day-bars/2898-roll-over-bar-kit-de-dion-trackday-metric-chassis.html -and- https://caterhamparts.co.uk/track-day-bars/3502-roll-bar-fia-sloping-de-dion-lh-a-rhd.html Thanks, Thomas
  9. WANTED: I believe my car has the 'standard' rollbar and I'm looking to replace it with an FIA rollbar. It's a 2008 R400.
  10. My R400 has an AEM EMS-4 in it. I just bought the car so I'm still learning about it, but it seems like a decent unit. I can try to answer any questions you might have.
  11. Curious about how it works out for you. I tried to contact the seller several times through the listing site and never got a response!
  12. That's correct. It's a bit of a handful, but playing around between 6000-14000 feet above sea level, you need a little help with the horsepower
  13. Looking for doors and a softbits top for a 2008 R400.
  14. I finally got around to picking up a Caterham. It might look familiar to some of you as it has popped up on ebay and in posts on here a few times over the past decade. I've only gotten to drive it a couple of times since bringing it back to Colorado three weeks ago, but it's an absolute blast. This winter I'll be working on addressing some lights that aren't working (beyond just bulbs, it seems) and working on tuning the AEM engine management system.
  15. Al, I may be interested in the tank. Please post a picture and some dimensions when you have some free time.
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