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  1. Spare parts laying around after upgrade. If you think they are worth the cost of shipping, I will be glad to send them your way! Cam Cover - Plastic Caterham Coil Cover - Fiberglass Intake - Aluminum - With Throttle Body Caterham Locked ECU - From 2.0 Duratec - R400 - 210HP Fuel Injectors - From Same as Above Fuel Injector Connectors and Harness - Etc.
  2. mrmustang ...... Sent a PM. Let me know if you got it or not.
  3. I second Mike and Taylor Race. They are good and turn around work very quickly. I would use no one else for this work.
  4. Hey UKChris, I do not know anyone in your area but, i am travelling to Waltham, MA almost weekly. I would be happy to do a walk around the car with you and point out problem spots and inspection items. I am in the final stages of a complete rebuild and have a lot of "lessons learned" i can share with you. PM me if interested and we'll set something up!
  5. Researching ECU options for my R400 to upgrade from the unlockable Caterham one. I have looked at Emerald and SBD but am sure there are 100's of other options. Anyone have experience/advice they would like to share and make a recommendation? I just up-tuned the motor with headwork, roller barrels and dry sump and am prepping for a dyno trip. Nothing done to the lower end BTW.
  6. I had them research and put some special stretchy stuff in both the paint and what little bit of filler they used knowing how much I have seen things move around while driving.
  7. I noticed I would be doing a rebuild log but have not got to it yet. I am compiling links and parts-sourcing data and will eventually get around to sharing it. In the meantime, if you have Facebook, check out the paint job done a couple of months ago! https://www.facebook.com/WickedRydz/videos/394711014731274/
  8. Only an opinion but here is what I did / am doing. The price for "Caterham" LED headlights was harsh so I looked at alternative's and found these on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Wisamic-5-3-5-75-LED-Headlight/dp/B01DZU30S0/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=led+headlights+5+3%2F4&qid=1565319813&s=gateway&sr=8-1 I have run them for over a year and there are a couple of other local Caterham runners Locally using them. They are at least twice as bright as stock and cut a wide-angle, rectangular pattern that is helpful. Plug-and-play for three-prong connections and the price is wort
  9. good luck and let us know how your rebuild goes. just found this. https://www.sevener.fr/fichiers_articles/Manual_Type9.pdf
  10. Tech question guys, Pulling the yoke off the rear of the tranny, any special instructions? Any pointers to a good type 9 online manual would be appreciated.
  11. Awesome guys and thanks for the feedback. I am going to get a Word Press site up and will share the link here. As for tear down pictures, I have around 600 all catalogued to a tear down log I kept up through the process. Note: everyone needs a big whiteboard in their garage. Also inventoried parts as I boxed them and started a "must upgrade" and "nice to upgrade" list. I have decided the theme will be a GT style car versus a full on track car; i.e., keeping the Caterham 6 speed versus sequential and not stiffening the suspension to a bone jarring level. As for the motor, undecided but loo
  12. Here we go! I have just today completed a full strip of my 2011 R400 SV. I am down to 10 boxes of parts, a few odds lots that won't fit in a box, and a frame with panels as the starting point. The main reason for the tear down was to fix some inherent shortcomings but primarily to do 1) a custom inside and out paint job 2) upgrade the powerplant and 3) prove to myself I can still sling a wrench. I have not posted about the teardown as I suspect anybody with a basic toolkit can disassemble anything short of the space station. The art is in putting it back together! Learnings to date
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