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  1. You are certainly correct, AWATKINS. And thank you for the simplified diagram. Exactly what my referee said. He said I could take a hose from the breather in the block run it through a PCV valve into the intake manifold. He also said I would then have to run a hose from the oil filler cap or valve cover to the air cleaner using a non vented cap. My big problem is the intake manifolds have no provisions to take vacuum for a PVC system. Will be contacting various Weber experts today. As mentioned what I had was what papak mentioned.
  2. So here's the latest in my saga. A month ago, after sixteen months, I was approved for an appointment with the smog referee. I made the appointment and the soonest I could get in was today. I thought I could get by for a PCV requirement by running a hose with a PCV valve from the breather in the block to the backside of one of the Weber air cleaners. Nope! Didn't happen. It has to be a system that pulls fumes into the intake manifold and vents it back into the engine. So now, decision time. Do I sell it out of California or figure a way to fashion a PCV system on a car that never had
  3. Yep! Have become very familiar with the local DMV.
  4. I bought the car from Texas. When I initially started the registration process I paid all my fees and was given a temporary sticker pending the smog inspection. I just keep renewing the temp registration every few months.
  5. My car has a 1700 crossflow ford with dual webers and no provision for smog. We put a PCV valve on the hose coming out of the breather in the block and ran it into one of the Weber air cleaners. Unfortunately I haven't been able to have it inspected. I completed all my DMV paperwork and inspections and got my sequence number over a year ago. On July 31, 2020 I had a virtual appointment by phone with the BAR which took two weeks to make. The call lasted about five minutes and I was told to email all the documents for review. A year later I'm still waiting for the BAR referee to see my ca
  6. I was talking to the Northern California regional office in Sacramento and now the Southern California regional office in Burbank.
  7. I've going through the same thing. I bought my car from a dealer in Texas. It was registered there as a 2000 Ford. After DMV opened up I began my process. Taxes, fees, certificate of sequence, CHP inspection with a CA ID number, and all the forms. It was then I called for a BAR inspection. I got a "virtual" appointment by phone and was told to send in a list of materials first. That was back on August 31, 2020. After numerous calls and emails I still don't have an appointment. But I haven't been denied. I think much of this has come out of the Superformance Cobras. I'm told the same
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