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  1. Just joined but have my 2 quart unit up front with -8 aircraft connection close to motor with manual ball valve controlled by a push/pull mechanical connection to driver area similar to the old "choke" control units from decades ago. You need to keep connection somewhat short and minimize bends for smooth operation. I use it a few seconds before start-up to prelube bearings on my 1500 cc Cortina ( old Cosworth style as used on Series 2 Lotus) and then leave it on until a second before shut down. Most racers just have unit in passenger side.
  2. Ken- I have a very old nosecone from my series 1 that is fiberglass so I am betting it is a series 2 cone. really rough when I got car from UK but looks like it could be fixed up. You can have it since I am using a series 3 bought from Caterham years ago. Left you a message to call me 215-233-1666 ( leave message as we get too many bogus calls to pick up)
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