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  1. Only a picture of the packaging, that is a teaser.
  2. This is perfect and the quality looks top notch from the pictures. I am ordering a set of 5.75" headlights this week and plan to get 2 sets of headlight covers. I would really appreciate if you could pass along Lesley's contact information so I could place an order. Think I will go for the 45 degree carbon fiber vinyl with an orange/silver stitch combo for the 7.
  3. Thanks for the thread to the past conversation on this topic, I couldn't get the link to work before. I had looked into east coast fiberglass but it seems they don't ship to the US based on their website. However, it did give me the right combination of descriptive words to use in my search and I think I found a very similar product through McMaster Carr. I think this is going to be the route I go. https://www.mcmaster.com/cable-tie-fasteners/stainless-steel-cable-tie-mounts/
  4. Thanks for the replies. I checked out Lesley Storr and as stated seems to no longer be in business. I have the larger 7" headlight which seems to be an odd size for the universal sizes of 6" or 8". I think I will contact some local upholstery shops and see what they can do. I will let you know how it turns out!
  5. I have a new pair of cycle fenders I am waiting on warmer weather to install and looking for a cleaner installation than through bolting as done on the previous pair. I would also like them to be removable so no direct gluing to wing stays. I have seen the fathead adhesive studs but I don't think this would allow them to be removable since the wing stays are oriented nearly 90 degrees apart, likewise the stud direction would be the 90 degrees apart as well. The adhesive mounted nuts seem like a good option, wondering if you have experienced the bolts loosing and falling out since they aren't l
  6. Hello all, I am looking to source the vinyl/leather headlight covers that are embroidered with the 7 logo or is this a custom upholstery part. Any leads would be appreciated.
  7. How are you all running the crutch straps on standard cloth Caterham seats with no cut out in the seat? Do you have to modify the seat or are you sitting on the belts? Did you install new anchors for the crutch strap or run them to the lap belt anchors? I know a nice set of carbon Tillets would fix this problem but sadly those will remain on the wish list.
  8. Hello all, My LUKE 4 point harnesses are out of date and I looking to replace them with a FIA approved 5/6 point harness setup. I see Caterham is selling a Schroth 6 pt setup, does any know the part number to buy directly from Schroth or is this a specialty part for Caterham? These seem to be on the pricey side. I am open to other brands, let me know what you recommend (fit, comfort, style) and if you could provide the model or part number that would be a plus. Thanks
  9. Thanks everyone! I had much rather buy a car in person, be able to look it over, and learn the history from the owner than bid on a car unseen and pay a buyers premium. It just so happened this car checked enough of the boxes and was in the same area as a trip I had planned. I will have to mark down the HPDE date, the event sounds like a blast!
  10. It was great working with Steve and I am happy to announce I am the new owner of the Seven. I have always wanted one and can't wait to get out and drive! I just got it back to Alexandria, VA and it has caught the attention of the neighborhood, so much so I was giving short rides around the block. I am sure I will have questions in the future since this is my first Caterham so thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for the info. I would be registering and titling the car in FL so for me that's a plus that it is already registered there. No emissions issues for me but I assume a cat could be fitted for the next owner should I decided to sell. Being/staying an east coast car I would rather not pay a premium for a CA complaint car knowing that it may slightly limit the audience/price if I decide to sell down the road. As far as fit, I am 5'10" and 160 lbs so I figure I should be able to slide right in the driver's seat. This would be my 3rd weekend/track car so maybe all responsible decisions ar
  12. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/20...m-super-seven/ I haven't heard much talk on this car and not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. Seller says the spec of this car is closer to an R400 which I would agree with based on the power output but it seems to have the creature comforts of the road sport and less of the carbon bits I typically see on the track oriented versions. Any idea what spec this car actually is or equivalent to in today's line up? Does anything seem out of place or raise any flags with this car? Anyone personally know the history of this car? Sorry for all th
  13. Thanks for all the input, it is exactly what I was looking for. I had heard the rumors of Hillbank assembly leaving more to be desired in the early days and figured this was one of their early cars. However it sounds like this could be a quality car but just needs a thorough inspection before any purchase. I spoke with Kim about the car a few weeks ago and he was extremely helpful and seemed to give his full knowledge of the car. I believe he actually owns the car now based on our conversation. I was unaware that a new build could be that reasonably priced now days and will definitely ha
  14. I have been looking at sevens off and on for a while now and this Caterham 480 caught my eye, https://vintageracecarsales.com/portfolio-view/2013-caterham-seven-480/ Wondering if anyone knows the history of this car? It appears to have been used in media reviews while at Hillbank then sold to the first owner in Wisconsin and acquired by Kim at vintage race car sales. Based on the weekly cars for sell in this thread, it looks to have been put up for sale more than 2 years ago and still hasn't sold. I assume it hasn't sold due to the high price but wasn't sure if it had a tarnished history. I
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