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  1. It was my low tech G meter in the turns but ended up sorting itself out. The oscillations broke 7/8 of the welds on the post to the mounting plate, luckily it broke off in the garage instead of on track.
  2. What a great event! Special thanks to Mike and Tom for organizing and all for attending. Sevens are amazing cars but the group that owns and keeps them running make it that much better. If you didn't notice I had a "vintage" GoPro (Hero2) mounted on my car that recorded about half of the sessions before the battery inevitably died. I am no editing wizard but tried my hand at consolidating the videos to capture as many members on track as I could. I wish I had captured the last session of the event, where as Paul mentioned, the Caddyshack gopher was posted up and holding his ground on the racing line in turn 2. Then on the same lap, coming out of turn 10 a flock of geese half on the track buzz the roll bar as they took off to avoid the screaming seven. I can't wait for next year, I have already started making a parts list for winter projects and began preparing for the 2022 event.
  3. Thank you all for the info. It sounds like there is flexibility to switch between groups once at the track which I guess is what I wanted to know. Considering I have a new to me car and never been to NJMP I think it would be wise to start with the green group. Just wanted to make sure I don't miss out on being part of the sevens group. Looking forward to meeting everyone in a month.
  4. I was looking through the registration process and see there is a green and intermediate group to pick from. The intermediate group states proof of experience, what qualifies for proof of experience and how much is needed? Does it have to be at NJMP, any track days, AutoX? If I run in the green group, will I still be running with sevens or grouped with the assortment of cars that show up for the track day? Does the seven only sessions include all seven regardless of experience or are they split up too. Going to be my first time attending so trying to get a feel for the event and ensure I sign up correctly. Thanks.
  5. Cap was a perfect fit, no cutting required, just had to drill new holes. Took it out for a spirited drive with some tight turns and zero fuel leaks, problem solved!
  6. On initial test fit, the aero fill fit in the existing hole so fingers crossed no cutting will be required. But if I have questions later I may use you as a resource.
  7. I ended up buying the aero cap from Caterham. The cap is made by Newton Equipment and is their Aero 300 filler cap, 6 bolt flange, angled neck that can be found here https://www.newton-equipment.com/aero-300-range.html . The price of buying from Caterham with shipping was comparable to buying from another supplier state side, plus this one is a genuine Caterham part with "Caterham" etched in the cap. I will be installing it this weekend in hopes it solves my problem.
  8. Thanks for the info Steve. If that's the case it looks like the aero fill will be slightly too small to fill the existing filler hole and rivet holes. Looks like I will have to get creative to fix the old one or fab up a panel to fit the aero fill.
  9. I took the seven to the first auto-X event and wow what a car! The car was quiet playful in the corners on older all season tires and heaps of fun. However, on my first couple of runs my car had to be reinspected due to the smell of gas out on the course. Turns out gas was leaking out of the fuel filler cap in hard turns and running down the rear body panel. I ended up just cleaning the gas off the body panel after each run. The tank was at 3/4 according to the gauge so not overly pressed full. My car has the rover style gas cap, according to the key, and not sure if this is a common problem. I do see a flapper (check) value in the filler neck that does not shut all the way which may be the problem. I am considering updating to the aero filler cap and filler neck from Caterham. Before ordering I need to make sure it will fit in the existing hole. Could someone that has one provide me with the overall diameter and radius from center to the bolt hole centers. The info would be appreciated.
  10. My Caterham has the SVT engine with a 6-speed and I am located just across the Potomac in Alexandria. Let me know if you want to come check it out and see if that engine option will satisfy your hunger for more power. As a newbie to Sevens, it is plenty for me right now. @Bartman
  11. Only a picture of the packaging, that is a teaser.
  12. This is perfect and the quality looks top notch from the pictures. I am ordering a set of 5.75" headlights this week and plan to get 2 sets of headlight covers. I would really appreciate if you could pass along Lesley's contact information so I could place an order. Think I will go for the 45 degree carbon fiber vinyl with an orange/silver stitch combo for the 7.
  13. Thanks for the thread to the past conversation on this topic, I couldn't get the link to work before. I had looked into east coast fiberglass but it seems they don't ship to the US based on their website. However, it did give me the right combination of descriptive words to use in my search and I think I found a very similar product through McMaster Carr. I think this is going to be the route I go. https://www.mcmaster.com/cable-tie-fasteners/stainless-steel-cable-tie-mounts/
  14. Thanks for the replies. I checked out Lesley Storr and as stated seems to no longer be in business. I have the larger 7" headlight which seems to be an odd size for the universal sizes of 6" or 8". I think I will contact some local upholstery shops and see what they can do. I will let you know how it turns out!
  15. I have a new pair of cycle fenders I am waiting on warmer weather to install and looking for a cleaner installation than through bolting as done on the previous pair. I would also like them to be removable so no direct gluing to wing stays. I have seen the fathead adhesive studs but I don't think this would allow them to be removable since the wing stays are oriented nearly 90 degrees apart, likewise the stud direction would be the 90 degrees apart as well. The adhesive mounted nuts seem like a good option, wondering if you have experienced the bolts loosing and falling out since they aren't lock nuts or just remedy that with some loc-tite? I was considering making and gluing in some brackets out of AL angle with slits and use metal ties/hose clams to fix to the wing stays as another option. Anyone else know of a better option?
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