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  1. With new tires, the bumpers arrived and fitted and a few odds and ends sorted I got the re-inspection done today and hooray a its a pass So now just got to take the bumpers off and all is well in the world (at least as far as my 7 is concerned). Now its street legal, we are setting about making it the track car I wanted and maybe not so street legal. I was at the track last week driving a Formula car (so much fun) and it had paddle shifting on a Sadev sequential, seamless shifting up and down with no clutch and really quite impressive to drive. So I got home and did a little di
  2. I just wanted to give a shout out to Hettric, he kindly sold me his bumper set up that fits my car, it was not easy to do as the box is a big one but he made one to suit and they are en-route from CT to MD. I will mount them ASAP and then get the reinspection done. So thanks Hettric and to everyone that offered suggestions and work arounds the world of 7 is small but filled with truly good fellows. - Bart
  3. Keeps the lobbyists busy and their kids in school, I guess they will now focus on the volume potential states that like to legislate everything!
  4. LMAO I was chatting to a guy in Caterham UK this week and he told me they are expecting some sort of new/revised Federal regulation that would provide relief from this knocked down car loophole they are using. Its the Fed's so I told him no to hold his breath.
  5. Hi Bruce, I am facing the same issue you overcame in CT, did you leave them on the car or remove them? If you took them off would you be interested to sell or rent them to me for a few weeks? Thanks for letting me know. Kind regards, Bart.
  6. This is the initial inspection required by the state of MD whenever a used car or trailer changes ownership, its done by a state licensed mechanic to a state specific set of requirements, which includes front and rear bumpers. These inspections are required in order to tag the car, no inspection = no tag unless you can qualify for exemption under the historical (20 years old minimum) or street rod provisions (25 years old minimum). The guy that did mine is an old friend of a race engineer I am working with and even with the old boys network it's not possible to overcome the state bumper requir
  7. And so it continues, the car failed the MD state inspection yesterday because it has not got bumpers. This is all a result of the issue I described regarding the 2000 vs. 2005 title date. I called Caterham in the UK and nope never made a bumper they tell me, accordingly and as far as I can tell Caterham will never be able to sell a new car to be titled in MD. So now I need to fabricate a front and rear bumper and figure a way of fixing to the car or move to PA where my local police say they will put a plate on a shopping cart. Rick from Time Machines was super helpful so with that assistance a
  8. Hi Croc, Yes its faired in, did you simple cut out a section or fit a rear facing louvre?
  9. So, I finally got on the road in my S3 this weekend for the first time, I planned to use it during the summer while the new engine and gearbox are being built but it has taken a lot of (wasted) time to sort with the MVA thanks to the car being incorrectly titled (as MD see's it) by New York and the original owner. In NY even though the car is a 2000 chassis (according to the VIN) because it was not registered until 2005 it is considered by them (NY) therefore to be a 2005. In my own state of MD it should be considered a 2000 as they go by the chassis build date as detailed in the V
  10. Hi, thanks for the info, funny I have my PPL and was thinking the same thing about a checklist I am going for the manual version, I like the idea of it being a step in the process rather than automatic.
  11. I am about to order a 2 quart Accusump, I was advised to get the manual valve and not the electrical one due to reliability issues. Before I go ahead I wondered if anyone had experience good or bad with this setup? Thanks, Bart
  12. I just used the design that cmoist posted to have an emblem cut, it came out perfectly from sendcutsend see pic below. Thankyou cmoist!
  13. Hey Greg, I got ZZR Avons 185& 215 from Roger Kraus Racing in CA, they had them in stock, shipped fast and were super nice to work with, just FYI. Bart.
  14. I got the one directly from Caterham, pretty nice, it was before I knew Simon at Meteor Motorsport otherwise I would for sure have got it from him he's such a nice person to talk to and always ready to talk Caterham.
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