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  1. The head is done by ultimate performance Ltd. (Ultimatep.com.) I don’t know if they will sell just the head. For the 250 versus the 200 raceline add forged pistons and Corelli rods plus a few other upgrades but the real gain is in the head.
  2. The head work is done by an ex F1 engineer. That’s the secret sauce I’ll post his site he’s an impressive engineer and it’s what gets them from 200 to 250.
  3. Hi. Thanks I’d love to come see it. I am out of the country this week but I’ll definitely give you a holler when I’m back. The plan is coming together I have Raceline in the UK building a 250hp version based on a Zetec with heavy duty clutch mated to a Sadev 6 speed sequential, a Geartronics GCU will manage flat out shift in tandem with an Omex Ecu, finally a 30/30 LSD from tracsport using the standard 7” Sierra diff. Things still to do include sorting the headers and exhaust, sorting the brakes and the dampers. My plan is to have it all here stateside by the end of the s
  4. Hi. Thanks I’d love to come see it. I am out of the country this week but I’ll definitely give you a holler when I’m back. Bart
  5. Thanks for the information, still working on the final decision
  6. Perhaps you can PM me with the $$$ you are looking for, it may factor into the final decision. Thanks
  7. Quicksilver are quoting +/- 9 - 10K to take the Zetec to +/-200 hp so it seems its pretty consistent with what you got a few years ago. I am hoping to get to a clear decision in the next few weeks and if the path is to install an SVT I'd be very interested to chat to you about it. Apart from the reworked head what's the condition like?
  8. Hi and wow, thanks for the thoughtful replies. Its an interesting question about is "200 enough" medium term, and honestly one I'd not given thought too, I know I'm not skilled enough to manage spin wheels in 4th type horsepower currently but maybe that will come with practice and patience. So future proofing the re-build is a good point. FI for me is out, I cant give you a good reason just have never liked the feel of it. The plan (which will fail immediately in the face of the enemy - more HP at lowest investment) is to take this to Quicksilver and a local guy who works with them to install
  9. As a newbie to this forum I have noticed the impressive depth of knowledge and experience represented here and I hoping that maybe I can get a little advice on a decision I need to make regarding my new/used Cat that I purchased from a member of the forum (Chris). It’s a lovely car and in really great shape. The car has a ford Zetec VCT which in its original stock state was said to be +/- 130HP if my research is correct. I am planning to use this car as a more or less dedicated track car and am looking to increase the HP to the 200 -210 HP mark, not massively extreme but pretty a d
  10. Having just taken delivery of my used S3 with standard chassis I am looking to replace the stock Caterham seats, the ones in the car are the cloth material seats and are quite "snug" for my backside I was looking at the Tillet B6 Screamer from Beachman Racing and wondered if anyone knows if these are a little wider in the ass area given there is no padding? I know its a racing seat so may be even snugger but I am hoping someone here knows for sure having sat in one.
  11. Hi there, Thanks so much for making contact, I actually did a deal with a member of this site on Friday. I hope you find a good home for yours I am sure its tough to let go. Thanks Bart.
  12. Hi, I am a big Lotus fan and have been for years. I am currently restoring a 1974 Europa TCS this project is at least a year from completion due to Covid delays . I am looking for a 7 that I can use for fun track days and tooling around in while I am working on the Europa. I am not too fussy, prefer a De Dion axle but open to anything really. Thanks for reading and stay safe. Bart.
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