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  1. Washed and clay barred the car today before heading up to see my parents. Here are some shots:
  2. Ended up not doing an engine swap afterall
  3. Here are a few more pics I took before a joy ride
  4. I hear you. We'll see what the estimate comes back as. Since the car I have is registered as a 67 Lotus I do not have to smog it here in CA.
  5. Thanks for the info Vovchandr. I spoke with Beachmans Racing and they said they could get 300hp on the 2.5li duratec without issue and that the eco boost engines are too tall to fit in the 7's. Good stuff.
  6. Were these projects ever finished? I want a 2.3li Ecoboost in my S3
  7. A friend of a friend had one about 10 years ago and ever since I saw it I wanted one. I've been lucky enough to save up some cash over the years and my fiances dad introduced me to Bring A Trailer and coincidentally this car came up a week or so later - and I had to have it I've been reading a lot about the 2.3Li Ecoboost engines.... I think this car needs one. And maybe a 6 speed.
  8. It is very fun to drive... I have yet to test its limits other than a donut once or twice. I want to go to a track day to really learn the car. Much different than the Subarus I had a decade ago. Very good points. I do have the windshield... maybe ill put it on a see how that looks. Thanks for the kind words and all of the information you provided. Ill look into smaller wheels and report back to the forum once ive found some. Thanks all!
  9. The Seven that I recently purchased has some UV damage to the dash. The buttons & switches are going from black to a dull grey and the carbon fiber itself is getting somewhat foggy. Was going to use some armor all on the switches but what about the dash? I found a product by Dr Beasley but have no experience with carbon fiber. Thanks in advance. https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Beasleys-P28T12-Carbon-Glaze/dp/B00BWFRDKC
  10. Hello there, I am a new member of this forum and the new owner of a Caterham 7. The title says 67' Lotus but I got some information based on the body vin that says this is a 2000 Caterham. It has a Ford Zetec motor w/ 5 speed and dry sump. Other than those details I don't know a whole lot about it. I see people referencing S2 and S3 and 160 and 165 models but I am unsure what this one is. Any help in identifying the body type would be much appreciated. My future plans include dark wheels and maybe go down to a 15" with a 50 series tire. I believe now they are 205/45/16. Thanks in a
  11. Great ride! Where did you get that steering wheel?
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