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  1. I use a washer of the right radius to fit the groove.
  2. Recently bought a pair of mirrors from Brightonuk, there are pictures on his post of 7/15/20 on this thread. Have decided to go a different direction so they are offered at $38 including shipping.
  3. Does anyone have feedback on or experience with this product? Seems an ideal solution. Thanks
  4. Don't forget eBay UK, got mine there.
  5. Don't know if this helps; In 2012 I bought a Caterham from CT that was registered with a CT issued VIN# in 1998 so it was possible then. It's also the same VIN # used currently registered in MA. It had bumpers that were required there (as the only change) but I did not need here. When I looked into the CT process at the time it seemed straightforward compared to what I faced here. You might search this site, I think someone else registered a Caterham in CT not too long ago, they expressed an interest in the bumpers I removed. Good luck Eric
  6. Any new idea's to deal with this? I have the Seven wide mirror and the top on. During the day no problem but when the sun gets low it's blinding. I searched the forum for idea's but any pictures can't be seen. Thanks
  7. Guess I'm confused about "Custom garage hitch ball mount included", thought it had something to do with the ball coupler at the frame front. That must be acting as the tilt latch?
  8. Do you remove the whole tongue to use the "garage trailer"?
  9. I'm looking for a recommendation of a battery minder for the Odyssey 680 battery, there is a lot of confusion on what's required for this type. I bought a charger/trickle charger that's for this type only to find out the charger fan runs continuously when plugged in, hardly what I want. As a side note, before I changed to this battery in 2015 the original (at this point) 15 year old Sears tractor battery sat in previous years uncharged all winter (warm storage) no problem. The new Odyssey sat over 2015 winter and was totally dead in the spring, only partially revivable, so I am now on my secon
  10. How about a furniture mover? They will wrap it in blankets. I use them to move custom kitchens with many more issues that a chassis.
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