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  1. searya

    Barber MSP

    That was a fantastic session! I have only driven Barber in a c6 z06 so far but so want to go back in my stalker as it seems like a great track for a seven. Can’t imagine I will get near the times you set though really impressed!
  2. Wow I love both the key fob and key chains above! Great stuff.
  3. Below are photos of the Parts and steps described above: Applying the Carbon fiber to the Foam Core with adhesive Saturating the Carbon Fiber Finished Parts! They turned out really nice. Very hard, and very light. They also had nice shine to them. Not perfect but not bad for the first couple of pieces considering no sanding or second layers of resin were applied.
  4. Wanted to post my first update on progress. My son and I have made two of the underbody pieces so far and just today made a good mockup of the rear diffuser including Rakes using this HardBoard from Home Depot (only $12 for a 4x8 sheet and real easy to cut with a jug saw). First off how we made the first 2 underbody Panels (Panel 1 = right behind the nose cone and before the oil pan, Panel 2 = driveshaft cover) 1. Mock up the Piece you are making using Cardboard or the Hardboard linked above. I used cardboard but if I did it again I would use the Ha
  5. Parts List and Links to what I bought (fyi I was surprised to find out it takes a lot more than just the carbon fiber cloth): Carbon Fiber Cloth There are lots of different weaves a weights and thread counts but for this I bought Toray t700. Main reason is it supposed to be good and I found a deal on Facebook Marketplace where I got it for $16 a yard vs $42 retail. Yards are 50 inches x 36 inches Foam Core - used to give rigidity and strength to your parts without increase weight Buy the ones linked here as they are definitely the best
  6. So lets start out with my goals. Create a flat bottom to the car (as much as possible) - this is necessary according to the internet in order to make the air flow smoothly to the diffuser. Without this they say diffusers are pretty much for show Make a rear diffuser so that I increase downforce without much drag Make side body panels for the car I might make the main nose panel in the future but not real interested in taking on making a mold right now I want carbon fiber fenders/wings but if I can buy them vs. make I will Keep it as lig
  7. After seeing xcarguys's flat bottom and rear diffuser and hearing about the benefits of both I decided that I had to have them for my V6 Stalker Classic. At the same time my son who is a High School Senior this year and going into engineering asked if he could buy Carbon Fiber and make some parts. The timing was great so I cut him a deal and told him I would buy the materials if he made parts for my Stalker. Not sure if the parts will turn out well but this thread will document the process and parts we are making either way
  8. I am planning to add a diffuser to my Brunton Stalker similar to what xcarguy created. Also I was planning to add additional under body panels to my car to make it as flat as possible. In the pictures below I plan to add aluminum or carbon fiber panels (the rear splitter would also have rakes like xcarguy). Any thing I should think about before embarking on this project? For example, I wondered why the drive shaft wasn't already covered by aluminum? I plan to cover it but seemed like the opening may be there for a reason.
  9. Thinking about adding window and roof nets to my 7 (brunton stalker with rollcage). I searched but didn't find any pictures of folks using them so was wondering if there was a reason not to add them?
  10. Croc if you are going I will too just to see your car! Maybe we can tour the new road course they are building there as well https://www.facebook.com/OzarksInternationalRaceway/
  11. Another option is to use your phone. I use my iPhone XR and Harry’s lap timer app and the video turns out nice even using the front facing selfie lens. The app also integrates with go pros and additional iPhones allowing for alternate angles or pip.
  12. Looks like a great track and a great run. You definitely used every inch of the track they gave you thru those turns. Great job!
  13. That is great to hear! I was afraid that I was going to have more money in a dry sump setup than my engine! Now onto researching accusumps and oil pans. Are you running a TKO600? Since my LS1 with Cam (ASA cam) and LS6 Heads will only do about 400hp/400torque I am planning to use my existing t5 until it blows up (hoping it will take a season as our cars are less than half the weight of the road cars it was used in and rated to handle 300hp/torque). I really need to get a usable 5th gear though. .64 doesn't help at all so I top out in 4th at 117mph.
  14. Thanks I try to keep it both on the track horizontally and vertically as much as I can. I will shoot Jeff H a pm. I haven't seen a Caterham or any other lotus 7 at a track even in years. Would be great to have another guy out there!
  15. That is great. How did he like it? I took my wife in the care with me for the first time ever. I don't think anyone really understands the speed you are going until you are in the car. She only made it 2.5 laps and started to feel nauseous. So pretty sure that will be her last time. I have 3 boys and 2 girls from 19 down to 11 so thinking maybe it is the oldest turn to try it out. BTW is your LS engine dry sumped? If so what system are you using? My 3800SC engine is still holding on but I have an LS1 in the Garage for when it goes out. Still debating on whether I spend the mo
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