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  1. Holy Moly, Croc/Mike. I just noticed your inventory at the bottom of your post. Sweet!
  2. I’m sold on the 13”/ZZS. Thanks to all for the advice. RMC will be building the kit. Would you recommend asking them to put on the skid plate, or is that something better done after I get it?
  3. Wow! Thanks so much for the replies. This is awesome! Great feedback on the wheels... I hadn't considered a dry sump (but should)... very good to know about the Raceline compact sump... and now I know there is another Seven in STL!!! I've made more progress in one day than I have in the past 5 years! THANKS everyone!
  4. Hi everyone. I'm really happy to have found this site! After several years of hunting not just unicorns, but very specific unicorns, I've finally come to terms with having a Seven built. I live in St. Louis. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience titling/inspecting a Seven in MO or even better in STL city. Any advice? Things I should be worried about? Things I should steer clear of? The car will be a 310R. A big part of my difficulty in finding a preowned has been that a SV chassis is a must, and I really prefer to not go over 160 hp (I'll be mostly a winding backroad driver, but
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