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  1. Also glad to say that I have verified Through the CPS hole that there is a tooth missing at 90 degrees below top dead center.... now back to the gaps.
  2. Hi Andy and John, Thankyou. I am currently working on the gap right now. I screwed it up yesterday and took a chunk out of the end of one of my sensors currently working on my spare sensor ;-) I like the idea of the piece of paper or in my case tape on the end of the sensor I’ll let you know how I get on Clark
  3. Yes John that is exactly what I THINK I have. I am going to get my wife to slowly spin the engine while I shoot a video through the CPS housing to verify missing tooth...but I think that will be OK.. I can see that their ARE teeth similar to your photo so that’s probably OK.
  4. Thanks John and Rzempel. Yes the CPS housing is the correct manual one... the difference between the two is about 20 mm so I am happy that I do not have the Auto one installed You have put a slight seed of doubt in my mind about how well the sensor fits into the housing as it’s a bit of a sloppy fit.. when I tighten the screw which holds it in, it always ends up in the same spot but there is a gap down the side of it as if the sensor hole is too big which is curious, almost as if the person who fitted it has tried to move the position slightly.. I shall do some more digging tomorrow.
  5. That’s impressive! Ill get some quotes done:) Thanks to all for photos.
  6. John and Andy, Thankyou for the responses . To the best of my knowledge: 2000 Focus engine with 1600 miles on it... I don’t know what the set up on it was before... but it seems now... 17 years after it was all fitted together to have the correct. CPS boss (manual Zetec) to give the stock crank trigger which I can see through the boss, onto the Fidanza flywheel which I have the receipt for.. ... I can only assume that in 2003 Dick Brink who sold the kit and the clutch and flywheel and gearbox helped with the decision process.. all the correct bits seem to have been picked
  7. ....So I was wondering if anyone in the collective could share if they have any suggestions or have had a problem like this that they have overcome: My OMEX 600 Ecu will not switch “Stat Sync’d” from OFF to ON when cranking and will therefore not fire the injectors nor coil pack.... because the signal it is getting from the Crank Position Sensor does not confirm that it knows where TDC is....or at least that is my understanding of the problem. I wake every day for my 6.30 am call to OMEX in the UK to discuss where I am at.... The CPS is sending SOME sort of a signal as the Ecu sees th
  8. Thanks for suggestions Dave and Andy:) I have... put the starter challenge on hold for right now, as I simply use jumper cables from a running car which provides lots of juice to the Birkin and allows me to turn the starter no probs....The reason I am ignoring THIS challenge currently....is that I have disappeared down another rabbit hole with. No start issue related to the crank position sensor.. Ill start another thread and expand on the Challenge .
  9. Thanks for that Mike:) Ill bring it up next time I chat to him. Clark
  10. I used to auto cross a Caterham back in Ontario in a previous lifetime... I found the biggest difference I made was switching to 13” wheels and Hoosier Street legal auto cross tires.. super soft and sticky but still theoretically street legal.... even on a Caterham they only lasted for o e season of auto cross, but certainly helped to make up for my lack of driving ability ;-)
  11. Looks like loads of good clean fun! Jealous!
  12. Hi Dave, showing approx 0.2 v. On both sides when cranking... with no spark plugs in which I think is normal and shows that the cables are not the issue?....Does that sound legit? I bet it will turn out to be something simple but ... what? Is it at all possible that it’s stuck exhaust valves .... so that when I stick the spark plugs in... the starter motor cannotbover On my way! The compression?
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