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  1. Unfortunately for me the stars are not in proper alignment and I won't be able to attend this year. Will miss seeing and catching up with everyone. Enjoy and have a great and safe time. Tom
  2. Hi Bruce, I purchased several of these from Mario, he is a member here and was selling them on EBay. I am selling them for $50 plus shipping. They are aluminum though not SS. PM me if you are interested. Tom
  3. All registered, only found the short tech form for the days of the event not the long annual form we needed previous years, did they drop that requirement? Tom
  4. I received an email from someone planing to purchase a 7 (not from me) that lives in New York, he was asking if I knew about the registration process. The car is already titled in another state with an assigned vin. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks, Tom
  5. We are well in Birkin land. Just over a year ago we moved to a new larger facility the new workshop and warehouse are 4800 square feet with ceiling height to allow for vertical expansion along with an exterior storage yard with shipping containers for additional storage of items not temperature sensitive. We have completed the purchase of the inventory remaining in SA, it along with the special tooling and fabrication jigs will be packaged into a container and shipped to us here in Colorado. Unfortunately with the Covid19, which we are all dealing with, the time-frame for the shipment is un
  6. Thanks for the responses. Bruce, the link was very helpful I found a BS colour chart and it looks like the original colour might have been Medium Graphite for the chassis. I have printed the chart and will use it as a starting point for the lighter colour suspension parts. Ron Your car looks great but this chassis is a much darker color that yours. The suspension looks about the color of your chassis. Tried to upload some pictures but my internet is too slow right now, will try later. Tom
  7. Hi All, Progress has been made on this re-commission, chassis repairs have been made, suspension components media blasted, engine being sealed up and all ready to paint. I have found the chassis, in undisturbed areas, to be a dark grey and the bolt on suspension components to be a lighter grey. I have tried to match the colors with color chips and have gotten close, does anyone have an actual color or paint code for these? Also the BMC 948cc motor appears to have originally been a medium to dark green, does this sound correct, anyone have a color or paint code for this. Thanks for
  8. I am very pleased to announce that we have established a representative for Birkin's cars in the eastern USA, Analog Racing Cars, please see the attached Press Release. We are in the final stages of preparing 3 chassis for shipment to them in mid December. As always Birkin Direct-USA will be available for their's and all other owners support. Regards, Tom 970-376-5188 Analog Racing Cars Press Release.pdf
  9. Initially operations will be in Colorado at the Birkin Direct-USA facility. Tom
  10. Some rumors have started going around about Birkin Cars, the following is a press release clarifying the situation. Look for an announcement in the near future about an eastern USA representative. Tom Press Release. November 2019 docx.pdf
  11. I first saw this Series 2 about 8 years ago and tried to purchase it then "not for sale". Fast forward 8 years still not for sale but the owner now wants to get it running again. Has been parked on this trailer for 30 years in a garage. Looks like it has a BMC Series A engine, 950cc version. I figure if I can't own it the next best thing is to get to rebuild it. Tom
  12. Making final preparations, plan on leaving Colorado next Monday. Looking forward to seeing everyone and another great event. Tom C.
  13. All in jest Tom, I guess I am sticking my foot in my (or maybe Steve's) mouth. Looking forward to another great event this year. Thanks to you and Mike for all your work making this the premier event it is.
  14. It is reality, here are a couple of pictures. It is a Birkin Clubman XS (wide body), this is a track only car with 2.5L Duratec 260hp and standard 5 speed gearbox. I have a shakedown track day planed for High Plains Raceway, about an hour east of Denver, for this Sunday. Just waiting on the 3 piece wheels and switch labels to complete the car, then it will be shipped to NJMP. The last picture is a preview of what Tom G. will see a lot of:) Let the banter begin. Tom C.
  15. Count me in. If this is the last one I sure don't want to miss it. See everyone in June. Tom
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