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    Served 5 year panel beating apprenticeship in New Zealand learning metal fabrication. Owned custom body shop in LA before moving into the insurance industry for the past 30 years.
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    Murfreesboro TN
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    Restoring vintage formula racecars, racing currently in SCCA and SVRA
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    Fraud Investigator, soon to be retired.
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    Leitch Super Sprint. Toyota Silvertop 20 valve 4TB

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  1. Great photos Jack. Very nicely done.
  2. I am not too sure Mike as far as 7s go. There are a few Lotus 23B copies and Brabham BT21s Barry has built over here in the states. And that doesn't count the numerous cars shipped to him from the US to have restorations completed (McLarens, LeGrand, etc).
  3. My Seven keeps some pretty good company out in the shop. Visible are 1971 Lotus 61 (Black), 1967 LeGrand MK6 Formula B (white), 1981 Zink Z16 (red). Also a couple of bikes not visible, 1971 Kawasaki 500 Mach III triple and a 1985 Yamaha VMax. I have a very understanding wife.
  4. Get yourself one of these if you are running side-draft carbs. Really good for syncing them. Graham.
  5. Hi. I am Graham Earley of Earley Motorsports. The Leitch is still available and able to be shipped to the US. Barry (Leitch) still builds a great kit as well as restoring many other old race cars etc. Have a look at their site here: Leitch Motorsport & Restoration | or barry@leitchmotorsport.com
  6. Thanks for that. Got it.
  7. Hi all. I have been absent from this sight for many years and are returning to get up to date on what events and activities are going on. I have had my Leitch Super Sprint since 2005 and still enjoy it as much today as I did the first day I drove it. It has a Toyota 4AGE Silvertop 20 valve running the OE ECU. That took some figuring out 15 years ago I can tell you. Has a 5 speed and Toyota Corolla GTS rear end. I built the car after importing the body/frame from New Zealand. I later made the fold down top and aluminum doors for it. It has completed around 20,000 miles since hitting the pavement with quite a few of those completed in both Autocross and HSAX. Great and fun car. Glad to be back getting up to date.
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