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  1. Do I need to keep the engine computer and Mass Air Flow box to get the engine to run? I pulled out all the wiring for power this and that, pop-up headlights, radio, HVAC, windshield washer/wiper, etc, but there are computer connections left unconnected. Can I just hand-wire for starter, ignition, fuel pump and lights, and get the engine to run, or is it dependent on the computer?
  2. Setting up the front suspension - I have the upper and lower a-arms parallel to the floor and to each other. Is this right? If I move the upper arm mounts up to the top, I will have a little more travel, but I'm not sure the shocks and springs will even allow that. Is the upper/lower parallel idea true for unequal-length or is it just for equal-length? any advice would be appreciated. Brunton Stalker kit for 1962 Lotus 7 with "donor" Miata drivetrain
  3. Just a follow-up: If you own a Stalker, or have dreamed of owning one, Scott might like to hear from you. He is working to get the business back up and running, and might appreciate hearing from any well-wishers. scott.bruntonauto@gmail.com
  4. Hello; I was a fan of Lotus from the late 60s, and purchased the last "North American" Europa while stationed in Europe. Beautiful metallic Blue, oatmeal interior, and a huge package of gold pinstriping (John Player Special Edition). However, I was returning to the Midwest, and there were only three Lotus "dealers" in the U.S. at the time; New York, Baton Rouge, and Seattle, so I decided to pass on the dream. Fast forward 44 years, through jobs, marriage and family, and more boring cars than I can remember. At my retirement, my amazing kids (and their equally amazing spouses) pr
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