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  1. Thanks for everyone's kind suggestions and personal messages. A quick update on the situation.... I decided to take out all the lifters and start again with the cleaning and oiling and thankfully they all fitted back in the head. Good news for me and means I can continue to rebuild the engine....a useful distraction while I await more news on the Westfield administration front and my remaining parts/snagging list. 🤞
  2. Thanks John, I will check it out. I will have another look at it tonight and hope that it was human error on my part!
  3. There was no crank wobble and when I disassembled it, the key way was in great condition. I bought a new key, pulley, bolt, etc. and will take care when I reassemble.
  4. Help, wisdom, advice and suggestions needed!!! While finishing the last 8 lifters I noticed that some of them are still "Springy" once pressurized and one of them must have been damaged during storing and will not fit back in. What to do? Lifters can be pretty expensive. I live in the real world with a limited budget and I am already way beyond what any sane person would invest into a 1.6 short nose MX-5 engine considering it's inherent limitations. My options: OEM "equivalent" lifters? Mazda OEM lifters? or Aftermarket performance lifters? Anyone with experience with OEM equivalent? Would I get away with cheaper lifters in the short term and then replace lifters and old cams when/if I decide to turbo? Or should I save and get new lifters and cams together? The down side to waiting and saving would mean that my build stops as I am still waiting for Westfield to resolve my outstanding issues. Million dollar question: What would you do, if it was your build and your cash?
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, 5W 30 is what I’m using!
  6. Next on my list is to clean out the Hydraulic Lash Adjusters (HLAs). To remove the plunger I used some long nose vice grips with some electrical tape on the end to protect them. Then I carefully separated and washed each of the parts with brake cleaner before wiping out the crud. Then gave each part a good blow out with compressed air before reassembling and priming with oil. I managed to finish 8 tonight and will hopefully finish the remainder tomorrow.
  7. It’s petty amazing how they keep it together in those conditions!
  8. Not much time in the garage this weekend, instead I drove a couple of hours to Montreal with a friend to watch the Canadian Grand Prix qualifiers. I'm not an F1 fan, but when the event is so close to home it would be rude not to show up. The weather was terrible, but a good time was had, both at the track and in downtown Montreal in the evening. Got home early this afternoon and spent the rest of fathers day finishing the intake valves.
  9. No, he did not. He cut the seats and tested them for fitment.
  10. At this point its mainly a vanilla 1.6 build with some minor enhancements. Here are some examples: Super Tech Springs Boundary - billet oil pump Gates - water pump Coolant re-route Weisco Pistons (20 thou over - I had a ridges in the cylinders) Head skim 10 thou (To bring surface back into spec.) Valve Seats re-cut to spec Mega squirt ECU
  11. Hey Graham, good point, no I didn’t. I asked my machinist to do that, but perhaps I should take a look before I put the intake valves in.
  12. Cylinder Head Assembly Finally made a start on the cylinder head assembly this week. Earlier in the spring I took the head to my machinist to have it inspected. With 234000 on the clock it was slightly out of spec so I had the head surface skimmed by 10 thou and the valve seats re-cut for new valve kit that I purchased. Nice clean head. Before starting the assembly I decided to re tap the bolt holes in the head to ensure that that any gunk inside the threads was removed. Then after giving the head another good clean I started to install my nice shiny new parts. I replaced all the old valves and springs with a completely new set up from Supertech. Valves and springs Seats, Retainers and keepers The new valve stem seals were genuine Mazda parts. With everything in order I set up a little assembly line on my work bench to clean, lube and install the parts. Valves and seals first Then seats, springs and retainers. I made my own tool to compress the springs out of a clamp and a socket. Worked very well for installing the keepers. The first one took a while to do, as i've never done anything like this before. But once I got into a rhythm the rest came together nicely. That's all for tonight. Tomorrow I'll continue with the intake valves.
  13. So, I'm in a bit of a holding pattern re-following the build manual while I wait for Westfield to rectify my issues. I should hear back from them today or tomorrow regarding my list once they have finished investigating the front control arm mystery. In the meantime I might as well start re-assembling this mess and freeing up some valuable space in the garage.
  14. @MV8 thanks for the help. I have emailed Manik to have some new ones sent through!
  15. @lg2k Your second guess is right, there are mounts on both sides but they factory installed the bushings on the drivers side instead of the passenger side!!
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