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  1. Hey Thibault, Im in Ottawa and in the process of importing a Westfield kit from the UK. Happy to chat with you about my experiences so far. I went the Westfield route because I want to build the car and Caterham didn’t seem to offer a Canada import compliant kit. Dan
  2. Last time I contacted Tom at Manik it was about 12 weeks. I'm hoping to place to order next week, but I'm having difficulty reaching Tom. He's usually very quick to respond, but I've sent a bunch of emails recently and not heard back from him in over a week.
  3. Hey everyone, My name's Dan and I am originally from Chelmsford in the UK. After spending 35 years in the UK living and working in various parts of the county, I met a lovely Canadian girl who is now my wife and made the move to Ottawa where I have been living for the last 10 years. I first got into 7s back in 2004 when I was in France watching the Le mans 24h. The campsite we were staying at was well known for holding a car show and BBQ the night before the race, so I got to see a bunch of awesome cars from the various 7s car clubs that had driven en-mass from the UK
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