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  1. DemoDan


    That was the first time in the trailer for proof of concept. The lower gate/ramp half closes now if I lift the back 3 inches on blocks. Wheel chocks all around and it'll go just like a John Deere mower.
  2. DemoDan


    Response to the Brightonuk thread The easiest way to transport your Caterham That aluma tilt trailer looks pretty nice and just right. Id like to trailer Eggsy up to visit daughter's family in Sequim this weekend and explore the Port Angeles area with the kids. Eggsy the Birkin loads and fits pretty good in this 6x10 split ramp gate utility trailer from Summit. S3inTrailer.mp4
  3. DemoDan


    I finally got the car to it's new home in Tacoma early March 2021 Hosed it off and took it to the Wednesday night car meet at our local Safeway parking lot. Went to work and enjoyed the contrast against my daily driver dump truck.
  4. DemoDan


    I've been thinking about a good name for the 2003 Birkin S3 I've inherited from my Brother-in-law. I wanted something agile and swift, not too stuffy yet British. Perhaps along the lines of Bond007, Charlie Croker or Austin Powers. Then over the weekend I saw Kingsman The Secret Service movie again and suddenly all the signs pointed to the movie's main hero "Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin". I laughed out loud when it hit me and the good reasons for Eggsy are still mounting. The dearly departed Dan that last had this car used to have an ancient wreck of a Mercedes 180 that was affectionately named Iggy. Eg
  5. Another new guy here. Do you know this car? My brother in law passed away last summer and I have had the good fortune to inherit his Birkin S3. He was another 'Dan' from Sebastopol Ca. and could have been a member here or in similar clubs. The car was built by Birkinsport (ser#000002) in Vacaville CA and I've been trying to learn more about that company and this car's history. It appears that the car has not been driven in a few years but only needed a new battery and fresh gas to get running again. I've adjusted the pedals to almost fit my feet and found the defective brake light switch d
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