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  1. I've put over 2000 miles on Eggsy locally in the last month. Only one 7 seen and it wasn't even a cheesy kit replica. I think next week a ccw loop around Mt Ranier. Stevens canyon road and hwy 123 are pretty bitchin this time of year. Anybody wanna go? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  2. C'mon guys! I've only seen one other 7 since owning one. Today: Driving up the waterfront from Ruston to Shoreline then figure 8 lake Washington back South Plans are subject to changes. Is there anyone else nearby blatting?
  3. DemoDan


    Went to my local dyno for a baseline horsepower reading. The nice car guys at the shop were jazzed to see something different than a Honda! Four pulls all did 150. Shout Out to Rich-Tuned Motorsports in Lakewood, Thanks! Dyno.compressed.mp4
  4. Looks like a half-ton of fun! Let me know if you'd like to cross paths toward the South Sound!
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing another green one in the neighborhood sometime! I really need to learn the acronyms like IVA and PBC lol! Cheers and good luck!
  6. DemoDan


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8clmutXHFo8 Our second autocross on Memorial Day
  7. DemoDan


    Getting a State Patrol appointment for VIN inspection is a real nuisance with the Covid delays these days but finally got it done. They have deemed Eggsy to be Yr Make: 2003 KitV, Model: 1964 Lotus. Weird that they took off the Birkin make and I think it looks more like a 67 but I'm not complaining...not a word about bumpers or high-mounted brake lights. Thankful that the hoops weren't as bad as many that I read about here. Happy to have it all legally transferred and registered.
  8. Bump! Eggsy and me are ready to meet up with any other Pac NW Se7ens!
  9. DemoDan


    Less than a week to go for the State Patrol VIN inspection and I've been getting more familiar with Eggsy. The Autocross was a great way to learn to drive and shake-down the rust from all those years of storage. I've entered into another event in Bremerton on Monday and have been making Eggsy more reliable and race-ready. It was nice to see Al from Chelan in another Birkin and I'm copying a couple things I saw on his car. First was to remove the spare tire for several lbs savings then I drilled new holes in the steering arm to quicken it up, new fuel filter to hopefully help a left-turn starv
  10. DemoDan


    First Autocross Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wa.
  11. Your adventure looked awesome, my turn next! Taking mine to work for now. I sure like the contrast!
  12. This looks sold-out already but I'm still going to try to make this. Hope to see you there!
  13. DemoDan


    My first curve in the rain with Eggsy at twice the safe speed posted! OMG! ONCOMING TRAFFIC! I had read horror stories of hydroplaning and terrible traction in these cars. Luckily I lived to tell the tale! I think this could be my next daily driver. 1stRaindrops.compressed.mp4
  14. DemoDan


    Thanks Croc for the car cover advice! I'm still test fitting things that I already have in the pick-up truck toolbox . That canvas tarp is just in case of that golf ball sized hail that you hear about! Eggsy has four or five options for keeping the cockpit dryish and only light drizzles today I went with the medium sized cover. Trailered Eggsy to Sequim a hundred miles each way to visit the kids and take them for drives along the Dungeness river. Fun was had by all! Eggsy stayed dry and didn't slip one bit.
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