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  1. papak -- SB100 absolutely does require any smog equipment that applies to the engine as of the year of the engine or year of the body, whichever the owner chose. California cars all had PCVs since 1964. Even so, what anyone thinks SB100 specifies is irrelevant. What the Referee wants is the only thing that matters. Many referees, if not all, require an actual PCV system. What you are describing is what Heloman did, and it flunked. What he needs to do is what is shown in this picture:
  2. It’s not hard and need not be expensive. Find someone who understands this stuff.
  3. Great! By the way, one more detail that might ensure you sail through: some people have said their referee wanted to see “PCV” hose used for that connection. Sounds strange but they do sell it at parts stores and it would be a form of insurance: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/prestone/belts-hoses/hoses/bulk-hose/anti-smog-pcv-hose/81d6b29f64f9/prestone-crankcase-vent-hose/prs1/cv1132?pos=2
  4. Tom. — No, it will not work great. It will fail. The PCV valve is to be be connected to the intake manifold NOT to the airfilter in any way. If you use that Caterham tube connect it to crankcase. I want you to pass this test because if you do it will prove that there is no problem with BAR or CARB, and I can confidently order my kit.
  5. “Looks like I have to route from the catch can to the intake manifold.” Not quite. Below is how it’s done. The only thing connected to the intake manifold is the PCV valve itself (as shown) and it has to be the correct end of the PCV valve. Anything else risks letting uncontrolled air into the intake manifold potentially leading to engine destruction from lean running, etc. Explanation of exactly what PCV valves do. This is worth understanding: https://innovationdiscoveries.space/what-does-a-pcv-valve-do-best-answer/ (Don’t know what “OEM System” refe
  6. Good. So you will have no problem. When’s your appointment?
  7. The real issue is what the inspector will accept. Asking ahead of the appointment will save a lot of grief.
  8. This subject calls for some care. I have heard that the so-called “closed system” requirement in reality varies from referee to referee. There are at least two interpretations of what “closed system” means: 1. The crankcase is connected to the air cleaner housing by a hose or tube, and is otherwise not open to the atmosphere. 2. The crankcase is connected to the intake manifold (i.e downsteam from the throttle body(s)) via a positive crankcase ventilation valve which carefully meters the ingress of fumes so as not to interfere with the air/fuel mixture. It is my
  9. This is consistent with a rumor that the CARB recently decided to discontinue its resistance to Caterham’s being registeed under SB100.
  10. Tom — Sorry the link I posted to the ARB staff directory was pointing to someone specific at ARB entirely unrelated to your issue. This link: https://agency.calepa.ca.gov/staffdirectory/ takes you to the top of the directory where you can find anyone’s phone #, email, etc. I suggest calling the people you spoke to before. The email addresses I have seen have both their first and last name so finding them in the directory should be easy.
  11. Try this: https://agency.calepa.ca.gov/staffdirectory/
  12. Tom — If I remember right you had a conference call with two or three people from CARB. Have you tried contacting them individually?
  13. A suggestion based on years and years of chasing people by telephone: #1 if you are told someone will call you back, ask when you should expect a call back, #2 If that answer is reasonable call back no later than 24 hrs. past that deadline, if #3 is not reasonable call back every two days until you get a response. Squeaky wheel, etc.... And BTW, if your first email isn't answered within 48 hrs., send one more stating that it's a resend, give that 24 hrs., then get on the phone (see above).
  14. Take a look at the appropriate form to see what they say about your own labor. I don’t remember the details.
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