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  1. Thanks, Dan Your memory is correct...45 cycles per minute, and since the Caterham was originally equipped with two, I'm getting two from Speedway Motors, as others have suggested. I don't want to give the inspector the opportunity to fail me a second time, although it's not strictly a fail, he said he'd charge me 1/2 the regular fee, and when I return with working wipers he'll sign off, and I pay him the 2/2. After it passes (and the inspector said the wipers are the only issue), then the wipers will be removed and I'll toss them in a box. Having said that,
  2. Thanks to those who have pointed me to a solution. I am the third owner, and owner #1 told me he removed the windshield wiper stuff (actually he removed the windshield too) since he only used the car for autocross. He further told me he gave all the removed stuff to owner #2, so perhaps #2 still has it. If so, I could solve this with paying the shipping cost, and a to-be-determined time spent upside down in the footwell. At least the mounting hardware should match up. My plan B is to go the Speedway Motors route, thanks again for pointing me in that direction.
  3. Hello all, I am a newbie, I recently purchased a 1985 Caterham and because it has a "rebuilt" Tennessee title as a kit car, it is subject to PA's Enhanced Vehicle Inspection to receive a specially constructed title. I have no issue with that. The car does not have windshield wipers...no motor, no wiper arms or blades, but it does have rubber plugs for the wheelboxes, and it does have a dash rocker switch for it (that's what tipped off the inspector). He says to pass inspection it must have windshield wipers. Does anyone have advice with regard to whether
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