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  1. The Caterham cage is much easier to get in than mine.
  2. I am 74 in May. My car is used on track, but I intend to tag it. I do not have a problem climbing in and out even with a roll cage. I know my track time is limited but I hope to keep driving it on the street.
  3. If someone wants the wheel, I am interested in the tires.
  4. I found this on the internet but can't find much on the Portuguese company trading a NOVA Motorsports. " Goodyear executives have confirmed that Turbalvoroco Unipessoal LDA, trading as Nova Motorsport (Nova), will buy “certain assets used in the manufacturing and sale of” Avon-branded motorsport tyres. Nova has also acquired “the brand license, traditionally used in the manufacturing and sale of certain motorsport tyres under the names ‘Avon Motorsport’ and ‘Avon Racing’”. Tyres & Accessories understands that Nova plans to continue the production of some of the Avon Motorsport product range independently from Goodyear."
  5. What do you feel when driving that conveys control or fun? For me I love the in-your-face direct feel of a Caterham. I love the sensation of being close to the rear axle that is nothing more than a sophisticated solid axle. I used to race go-karts and they are driven off the rear axle I love the feel conveyed from the De Dion axle, it is like a go-kart with more power so you can change the handling balance with your right foot. I get the part about bumpy roads. There are limitations. An independent rear suspension would be better over bumps, but the car would feel different.
  6. Evans waterless cool is Propylene glycol. Regular anti-freeze is ethylene glycol. It might have a surfactant in it to break the surface tension, but the real point as Croc pointed out is the high boiling point. It does not have the heat transfer rate of water, and the coolant temperature will be higher, but because of the high boiling point the system will not run under pressure. one of the unique applications of it was in high performance engines with localized cooling issues. Water would boil in the engine water jacket in a localized spot. An example might be around the exhaust valve, and then condense back to liquid. The result could be detonation. In the 1980s the guy who started this company and the reverse cooling idea got money from GM to work on it, and Chevy built a production engine with reverse cooling for a few years.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIdri2LZMZs What are the little piles of dirt around the curves in the track? Is it just the dirt removed for the curbs, or something else?
  8. Here are two shots of my car. One is an autocross with a locked brake, and the other is a Dominion raceway in Fredericksburg VA.
  9. I am looking forward to being there. Really missed not being able to have the event last year and seeing everyone.
  10. You are using the same technics I typically use with one exception. When I get the part hot, I have found using candle wax helpful. Hope it works for you.
  11. Len Terry might not have gotten a chance to build this suspension system, but he did design the 1965 Indy 500 winning Lotus with Jim Clark driving.
  12. I haven't modeled the Mumforf link either, but it looks like the roll center is fixed to the two bolts on the car. The two bell cranks allow the differential to roll but not move laterally. It would be very interesting to have a suspension design that allowed equal lateral roll center movement towards the inside of a turn.
  13. You are correct, I do not have a O2 sensor or a catalytic converter. If you have one O2 sensor before the cat you can just put the sensor in the new pipe. If you have two sensors you will need to have a tuner turn off the second O2 sensor in the ECU.
  14. Here is my exhaust. I have a very similar car to yours. From the header flange it has a 2 1/2-inch pipe to a 4-inch MagnaFlow muffler part 10416. It exits in front of the tire and has a turn down to help with the noise. You do not want the exhaust pointed straight if you use it on a racetrack. They have sound meters and pointing at the sound meter will set it off. I had the original muffler cover and I cut it down to fit the new muffler and painted everything black. Sorry my car is apart, and this is the only picture I have of the exhaust.
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