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  1. I can only second what John B has already said. What a great event! I was thrilled to finally get on track. I would encourage anyone on the forum who might not want to drive on track to come. This is a really fun event and you will meet some great people. I apologize to Kitcat for holding you up. However if the result is you keep your car, you will make all of us happy you can come out and play.
  2. I forgot to ask. Will we be able to keep our cars in the garage or should I bring a pop up!?
  3. I got my clutch done and will finally make one of these great events. Vovchandr I understand your frustration. Last year I did not finish re-wiring my car in time. I look forward to seeing everyone and hopefully your car will run or can be fixed.
  4. If you do not have a stone, you can use a file and sandpaper. The file is flat.
  5. Once upon a time a long time ago I was a Goodyear Race Tire Dealer. As a dealer we were given training by Goodyear and in my case Penske tire my distributor. The Track tire guy is correct about heat cycling tires. They have to be run on the car. Heat cycling tires makes them harder. If the car is getting the tire close to the temperature the compound will over heat, waiting makes the tire harder and stand up to the car better. If you follow Indy Car they talk about using scuff tires or new tires. The performance of a scuff might be better if the compound is slightly too soft. 3500 Pound stock
  6. CarlB

    Clutch issues

    Thank you all for replying. I hope I have a solution on the way. I think I have a fix if it doesn't, I will make it work. Bruce Beachman is going through the same thing with a customer car. I am reasonably confident the slave cylinder (throw out bearing) was depressing the clutch in the static position. Kit Cat had a old post about getting a clutch from Clutch Masters and they were very helpful. Zetec cars came with a clutch used in the Focus ZX3. This is a 9 inch clutch and the finger height is different than what the stock replacement clutch people are selling now. The current replacement i
  7. I have a 1999 Zetec S-3 and broke the clutch at VIR. I contacted the clutch pressure plate manufacturer (LUK) and they told me the part number from the numbers on the pressure plate. When I got the new clutch it was 9 1/2 inches and the old one was 9 inches. LUK said it was superseded and it did bolt on. When I got it all together it was slipping badly. It appears the throw out bearing isn't letting the clutch engage completely. I am desperate to make it to NJMP!! Any help or good people to speak to would be greatly appreciated.
  8. My Granddaughter goes to collage in Richmond. Unfortunately she is just getting back to school and can't go get the parts. JohnCh found some lash caps that are close. Speak to your machinist, he may be able to adjust the valve clearance by grinding the tips of the valves. This is a standard operation to adjust valve clearance. The issue would be if the valve tips stick up high enough from the spring retainers so the bucket tappet does not contact the retainer.
  9. It is 150 miles from my house. How bad do you need someone to go down there?
  10. You have a loose connection or broken wire that is disconnecting intermittently would be my guess and where I would look first. If everything goes dead start at the battery and check all the connections. Pay special attention to the ignition switch. If you are only loosing power to the engine, check all the wiring in the ignition system.
  11. You might want to sit in a car with the S-3 leather seats. They do not have sides and I think they are very comfortable. Cutting the Tillett seats apart would be very difficult. A lot of the strength is in the rolled edges and you would need to be very careful to maintain the strength.
  12. I have the Kit Car Direct stone guards and I do like them, but I have a suggestion and I also had a issue. One was a prefect match for the stainless steel one that came off. The other side of the car was a different shape and I had to trim the carbon one. It wasn't hard. I used a cut off wheel. Be sure to cover up so you do not get carbon fibers on or in you. The other thing I would do differently is have them clear coated. That should stop the things that look like water spots. I do not think they are clear coated.
  13. Hope it fits without cutting.
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