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  1. I have a Raceline cast wet sump pan and a very simple skid plate. It works great. I have gone off at several racetracks and never had a problem. The plate just rides up over. it is held on by radiator clamps. I got it that way and haven't bothered to install tabs to bolt it on. Crude and effective.
  2. Does anyone know if Caterham has a replacement for the Avon tires?
  3. I got mine. The picture isn't great. It is brighter than the picture.
  4. Thank you -The 60s are a long time ago. I should have done a little research before asking a question. Thank you for these post. I think we have all enjoyed experiencing your adventures.
  5. There is a magical sound to a V-12 engine. F-1 or production car through mufflers, they all sound great. I was lucky enough to be around group 44 a lot, and there V-12 cars were very load and made music. A question for Croc. Is the Tony Rolt mentioned about the C type jag the same Tony Rolt who ran BRM in the 60s?
  6. They do make thermostats for oil systems. If you do not know the temperature of the oil, why do you want to add a cooler? If you run synthetic oil 240 degrees is just fine. A cooler is just more weight and complication. Oil lines are points of failure. If you are overheating an oil cooler will reduce the water temperature, but you want the oil temperature about 220 to get the water out.
  7. Thank you - I had looked but it didn't show up. Got one coming now.
  8. A lot of race cars use push lock fittings. I agree Oetiker should be added.
  9. 7 or 8 inches seems a lot. You might look and see if Lotus used a different engine, and the frames were made for both engines.
  10. Ford did re-cast the Kent blocks. I think they have done it several times and there have been periods they were not available. F/F in the UK is going back to the Kent engine and Honda is not supporting the Fit engine that was used in these cars. A Kent powered car won at this year's run offs. You can get the BDG (2.0) block, but it is very expensive. There are companies that are making heads and blocks for the BD Cosworth engines.
  11. The Ford T-9 transmission should use API GL-4 oil. Do not use GL-5, it is too slippery and the synchronizers will not work as well. You will probably find oil that meets GL-4 and GL-5. Do not use that. Use oil that meets GL-4. I use Red Line. It is expensive but it works.
  12. Make sure you use the correct oil. The oil used in differentials is different than transmission oil. The newest differential oil is actually too slippery for transmissions. If the car was used on track check the clutch for ware and make sure it is completely disengaging.
  13. I do not know how many miles on your car. Check the U joint. The problem is the drive shaft comes out the back. You have to take the differential out. What is the condition of the clutch?
  14. There is a gasket that goes between the transmission and the bellhousing. I assume you are getting a complete transmission to install.
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