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  1. I have a 1999 S3 and have removed mine. I just pulled hard on the wheel. If you look at the tube that holds the bushing for the steering shaft you will see some small holes where the rubber part of the bushing sticks out. I didn't need to do this, but you could help the process by pushing the parts of the rubber sticking out the hole into the tube. You will need a new bushing. The nylon part of the bushing will probably come out.
  2. I do not know if it will have speakers, but the University of Sheffield has a EV Caterham. I couldn't download the magazine or get a link. The magazine is called Lowflying and is in the March 2021 edition. I think it is the publication of the 7 club in the UK.
  3. Carbon can be sanded or cut with the same tools as steel. To cut carbon I typically use a cut off wheel. For drilling I use a carbide bit. The kind that looks like sandy bumps.
  4. I was thinking about making my own carbon dash. I didn't want the lay out Caterham supplies. I recently found this company Ultimatecarbon.co.uk . I was a little confused when they suggested having the dash lacquered, but they are talking about regular automotive clear coat. I am very pleased with the quality. It is a vacuum bagged part and very high quality. The first picture is the dash I made from aluminum and I am not particularly pleased with. The second is the ultimate carbon dash on top of the alu dash
  5. All three cars are very different and I don't think you can compare them. All three are really great at what they were intended to do. Everything has trade-offs. I can't afford two of these cars, but I have the one I want. I think the Caterham is more fun. I like being connected to the road.
  6. CarlB

    Barber MSP

    What Hoosier tires are you using?
  7. The companies that make engines for ships are building engines to run on ammonia and using wind power to generate hydrogen is a way to store energy and power engines. There are electric drones flying around without batteries. I do not remember the name but it isn't battery. The process has been known for sometime. It is a chemical reaction that produces power and it is as energy dense as gasoline. Once the device stops producing electricity it can't be recharged. The device has to be recycled. There are some very light electric motors being made for drones. It seems plausible to me a toy like
  8. Its only normal if you are trying to induce oversteer to get the car to turn. The weight shifts to the front under braking and the front should wear more. If the brakes are working properly have someone slowly step on the brakes. with the car in the air and someone turning a front wheel and someone else turning a back wheel the fronts should stop first. Racecars have ways of changing that balance and it is sometimes used to get a car to turn better.
  9. The grid is a problem in most places in the US. The variable load on the electric grid is heating and cooling. Unless you want it to be like California and there are periods that the power isn't available. The YouTube video talks about time of use rates because they know the grid can't support it. On a Peak summer day in the north east there is no way a increase of the magnitude they are talking about can be accommodated. The transmission system is full and straining. I live outside Washington DC. The electric grid is controlled in a pool. The pool is called PJM. Pennsylvania Jersey Maryland (
  10. Thank you - I would really like them. I have a good home
  11. I am excited to do both this year. I have a car ready to go and plan to do as many track days as I can. My only limitation will be a planned trip to October Fest. Hopefully things will be good enough to go.
  12. Lots of race cars used the Triumph spindle, Including early 60s formula one cars. I have played with a lot of Formula Fords and similar cars. Very common for them to use that spindle.
  13. I have a 1999 S-3 and the wiper motor is Lucas and was used in a lot of BMC and Triumphs. The gas gauged sending unit is from a classic Mini. I believe the spindles are Triumph Spitfire, but haven't confirmed. They are used on a lot of race cars. The rear brakes are the same as the larger of the Merkurs the Scorpio. The gas cap on my car was a Rover part.
  14. I love my R-53. I bought a 05 R-53 and my wife said she wouldn't drive it because she wouldn't feel safe. After the first month she was asking to use it. When it was time for her to get a new car, she wanted my Purple Haze MINI. I looked at new R-56 MINIs but didn't like the car (loved the engine). It took some time but I got a 06 JCW without a sun roof. At the same time we also had a 530 wagon. It is a big comfortable boat but it still steered like a BMW and handled well for its size.
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