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  1. Your document is pretty close to what my friend had to go thru with this Cobra. He had to name his car a '427 Roadster'. His inspection had a major roadblock though. The inspector knew exactly where the factory vin was, but his didn't have one. He had to go back to Factory Five to get it. They fixed it right away. Goof up by them. A few steps have been added since then. Should be able to get thru it. When I did my Birkin, 2002, things were not as regulated as they are now. I was able to do it much easier. Thanks for the write up.
  2. I'm planning on buying a 7 in in the next few months. Not decided new or used yet. Probably new, assembled. In '01 I assembled a Birkin an went thru a very unique and funny registration process that would not be possible now. Does anyone know what's involved nowadays. I imagine you have to go thru the Mass. verification/tag method. Had a friend do his Cobra, it wasn't too painful. Getting my Birkin was unique, I think. If anyone is interested I'd be glad to share my method.
  3. I'm a Lotus junkie since 1979 when I got my first '72 Europa TC. It was a real fixer-upper. A year later it was my daily driver. Only broke twice, #1 broken fan belt, #2 unknown. Great car otherwise. Had it for 10 yrs. Since then I've had 2 more Europa TC's, 66 elan Sprint, Built a '01 Birkin CS3 that I foolishly sold in '04, Got my first new Lotus, '07 Elise Once warranty up installed Shinoo's 265 SC, and lot's of other stuff. After 30K sold it to buy an Alfa 4C, ride home from dealership I hated it. Gave it to the wife. Got an '07 Exige S w/17k. Installed BOE's Torque 300 pkg. great now. Run out of stuff to do. Work done by SynergyAutolab in NH. Great place. Been searching for my CS3, had some leads but not yet. Got chassis from Kim Bakker took a year to build. Black w/ CF nose, dash, fenders, tunnel. Quite a process to register it. I gave it a chassis #B4045 and got a Mass. title. It's gotta be out there, somewhere.....
  4. Is your car still for sale? I like it. Many features that my '01 CS3 that I stupidly sold several years ago. Thanks, Bob
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