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  1. Well, dropped of my paperwork at DMV this morning. The wait begins.
  2. You can go to Carquest - there are direct replacement options in store for both tail lights (2 filament: 1157 bulb) and front/rear signals (1 filament: 1156?) (can’t recall part numbers). Here is the tail light (2 filament) replacement package:
  3. I think this would be fun. Depending on family schedule/timing, I would be interested.
  4. For anyone looking at LED options. I used these bulbs as a direct replacement, and I replaced/will replace with clear lenses. I also used these for the headlights: Getting on the dust covers required a little bit of effort, but direct plug and play for Halogen 9003.
  5. (Cocks head to side, raises eyebrow)- what is that? I am generally up for an adventure, but that could be a tough time with my most idiotic hobby: Spec E46: and Ginetta G56 GTA:
  6. I will check everything again and check dashboard the next time I get back in the garage. Right now, pedal is “okay.” Brakes work enough.
  7. It reads at every tooth (light comes on), good electrical connections. But, Speedo shows nothing. Josh informs me they had a run of bad resistors in the dash, so I will check that next. Yes, went in order. Bled them a ton. I will drive, bed the bakes as best I can when I get my plates/registration- Josh says to give it 50-75 miles then bleed again, usually works for him.
  8. Just bent mine down today (definitely need the lock ring tool to remove component). Probably got close: had 4+ gallons in tank- gauge reads about 1/2 full now. It had been reading about 1/8, didn’t bend it much, maybe 4-5 degrees.
  9. Well, after ECU tune, RPM gauge was terrible. Reverted back to factory: 1,2 and 8 on- now works perfectly. I didn’t like electronics before this project, and this has done nothing to improve my disposition toward them.
  10. Any advice on speed sensor or getting brake pedal more firm- I’m all ears.
  11. So, I can’t believe it, I’m basically done. (I still need to sort out speed sensor. I need to get brake pedal a bit more firm) Josh sent me back my ECU with the most up to date tune (with this tune, I had to adjust TPS from 1.23V -> 1.33V). It was like magic- car running perfectly in 2-3 min. Not quite on terra firma: First time on the ground: a beauty:
  12. In the “detailed 420R build blog,” the guy used some tiny washers inside the female snap so that his rivet gun could apply pressure (makes it possible to use any rivet gun for those things- handy tip for anyone reading). More discussion can be found on the section about fitting mats. Here is a pic taken from that blog: Congrats on being done!
  13. Yep all settled- just aggravating that this is necessary.
  14. New fun: little bulb inside headlights (seem pointless?) would not work. On the left- connection for bulb was bent. In the right- ground was faulty. left: right:
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