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  1. I have installed the Caterham 2-piece steering column that you have illustrated in your post in my '62. On my car the upper column separates from the lower with a reasonable pull or two on the steering wheel after the clamp is removed.
  2. Please note that the pedal effort required to attain any given braking force at the wheel is directly proportional to the master cylinder diameter. So increasing master cylinder bore diameter increases the force required by the driver's foot to achieve the same braking force as you have presently with the smaller diameter MC. If my calculation is correct going from a 5/8" MC (0.307 sq-in) to a 0.7" bore (0.385 sq-in) will yield a 25% increase in pedal effort required to achieve the same stopping force that you have presently.
  3. Likewise we had a great rally weekend in the Central Coast region of California with the town of Arroyo Grande as our base camp. We covered 1150 miles in 4 days over some truly outstanding roads. I first saw Pete driving thru downtown Arroyo Grande on Friday evening in the rain. Arroyo Grande is a pretty small community and Sevens are pretty rare to see out in the wild. So it was a great surprise to see Pete filling up his Cat at the local Shell station when I pulled in to refuel the Volvo on Sunday afternoon. It truly is a small world. We didn't take our '62 on the trip at the last minu
  4. I was very much saddened to see this news this morning. I was aware that Sabine was fighting cancer but was optimistic that she would pull through. Sadly that is not the case. Sabine Schmitz Dies at age 51. Two memories stand out for me beyond her BMW 'Ring Taxi driving, DMAX and Top Gear TV presenter roles, and 24Hrs of the 'Ring victories; 1) Transit Van at the 'Ring 2) I met her once. While wandering thru the paddock, er, parking lot, at the 'Ring, she saw me and walked up to me to look at my T-shirt. Upon inspectio
  5. In all the years that I've owned this car it has never had sufficient cooling capacity to support our SoCal desert climate. I could never get the coolant temp to stay below 100C with both fans on when driving the car in a spirited fashion. Last week I finally bit the bullet and ordered up a new aluminum radiator from Redline components. It is a very nice piece of kit: I added a pair of ports for a thermal fan switch and an air bleed in the top tank. I had to relocate the drain port so that the petcock was in the proper position to clear my steering rack mounting bridge as
  6. Putting the way back machine into fast forward, I am presently prepping for 4-day 1,000 mile or so road trip with friends north to Callifornia's central coast area around Arroyo Grande. I've been trying to figure out a convenient way to secure my mobile phone without damaging any of my new, and very pretty, to me at least, red leather upholstery. Yesterday I fabricated this nice little bracket to mount a magnetic phone holder, Scoshe p/n MAGDMB. I wanted to locate the phone on top of the transmission tunnel at the forward end of the removable trans cover / shift boot panel. Ho
  7. Waaaay back in May of 2016 I experience a piston ring land failure due to detonation on my 1340cc Cosworth Ford pre X-flow Lotus Seven while on a Targa California event. Initially I thought that it was a blown head gasket, which is a field repairable issue. Here we are in the hotel parking lot in Paso Robles: And then heading for home after reassembly showed lack of compression on cylinder number 3: Subsequent teardown once home revealed the root cause. With the engine out it seemed like the proper time to thoroughly cleanse the engine bay and driveline tun
  8. You are correct for many of the cars. They are used on my '62. However somewhere along the line when double A-arms are used the spindles are no longer the standard Triumph component. Not sure if they are modified, from another source (likely) or bespoke (unlikely).
  9. I'm presently in process of fitting a Yoshimura RS3 silencer (haha) to my '62. I sourced mine used as a freebie from a customer at the shop who brought in 5 damaged carbon fiber motorcycle mufflers for me to repair / repack to net 2 usable units for his project. There were enough salvageable parts that I ended up with a 3rd unit to keep for myself. Here is a link for a pair presently listed on eBay Some fabrication required to adapt. But definitely lower cost if you have the facilities/skill set required.
  10. Arch as it looked in 2018: And on the inside, need a drop floor pan? Maybe a replacement chassis? The brothers Robinson, the owners of Arch and the sons of the founder, are still at it and very helpful blokes. When I was re-skinning my '62 I got a class in forming the rear panel over the chassis rails during my visit to the factory:
  11. Not sure about the present situation but Arch Motors built chassis back in the Lotus S2 / S3 days and at least into early Caterham production.
  12. I'd be impressed if my '86 S10 short bed with 2.5L Iron Duke 4-cyl 5-speed weighed that little! I've had it weighed many times after dropping off material at the various local land fills and it comes in reliably between 3000 and 3050 lbs empty with fuel after removing my personal 200 lbs.
  13. Haha. This is just like pulling the engine on my Seven to repair a failed piston ring land. As long as the engine is out there will never be a better time to thoroughly clean the engine bay and trans tunnel. Wow, look what I found, a cracked chassis tube....and another....and pretty soon the skins are off and it's a full blown rivets up restoration and reconstruction! Absolutely classic requirements creep! Hang in there.
  14. Good to know. We're all looking forward to the update. Thank you for your efforts.
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