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  1. Love mine but it's time... getting it ready to sell
  2. Here was the advertisement that sold me... This was in 2009 83 Donkervoort For Sale Hello, and thank you for your interest in my 1983 Donkervoort for sale. I bought this car a little over 4 years ago. The car has been a ton of fun. I have not driven it nearly as much as I would have liked to in the last 4 years. Which is why I am selling it. When I bought the car I was a single man, now I am married with children and the time is just not there. I believe this year I might have driven it 4 times and cars like this need to be driven. Some facts about the car. I am the third own
  3. Well here we are again... Some 6+ years ago I purchased this gem through this site and I've loved the the car dearly but it is time for a new chapter. I will post more later but needed to get this first step out of the way. Asking $25K but for the right owner I'll work with you as the previous owner did with me. Currently the car is in Alexandria VA and in good working order! Thanks, Calvin
  4. leeper

    For Sale

  5. Keep posting guys! If you are doing this and it's open, I'll try to figure out the logistics and join you. I'm up in Alexandria but I'd be up for a nice ride and love that stretch of road. Calvin Per Lee 83 Donkervoort S7
  6. leeper

    New to area

    I've got Delortos and I think it would be pretty straight forward though the previous owner swore that it was all black magic. A couple weeks ago I ran it out of gas (first time for that) and it hasn't run right since. I've reseated the plugs, they seem to be fine. I checked airflow and fuel flow and whatever it is, is beyond my limited knowledge. I needed to find a good shop in the local area anyway, guess this is as good an excuse as any. Not going to even attempt 495 which is the suggested route, so I'll have some fun on the surface streets! Thanks!
  7. I recently moved to Alexandria and I need my carburators balanced. I found a shop "Motörhead Limited" and I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with them.
  8. That is not what he meant but that is a great solution!
  9. Was just given a suggestion to use magnets from a coworker. I explained that both the plate and the nOse are aluminum so now he is searching for an aluminum magnet!
  10. Recently moved to Northern VA and I'm now required to have a front license plate. As I have an aluminum nose, I really don't want to drill holes in it. Anyone have any creative yet legal ideas?
  11. Getting really close! Should be able to pick up the car this week! http://usa7s.com/vb/picture.php?albumid=37&pictureid=298 Anybody have experience negotiating with the insurance company for the degradation in value due to the frame damage?
  12. leeper


    4/11/11 - Rear ended
  13. As a Gov Employee, I agree! I do support the bill though, but again I'm bias in that I have a high clearance which mandates drug testing in addition to random polygraph. I agree because I believe that Government employees should be held to a higher standard. Once upon a time "made to government standards" used to mean something... Now its thought of as "made by the lowest bidder." For those not employed... I'd have to see the metrics after a couple quarters. Does the end justify the means? It sounds good in principal but at $35 a pop, does it actually fix a problem?
  14. Odd, the pics in post 1 will not show on my phone but are just fine on the laptop. If I've done it wrong, please let me know and I'll repost.
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