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  1. Gordon Murray is said to have used the Acura NSX as the standard for developing the F1. With a teensy bit more power of course If Honda had only listened to Senna and added 100 HP from the start (ignoring the then Japanese mfg's "gentleman's agreement" of 300 max) I'm convinced the car would have achieved supercar status.
  2. A fun video of the 620. Watching these guys bomb around on the street makes one relise just how exposed you are. I used to race formula cars and we had teathers that "tied" your hands to the streeing wheel in case the car flipped so as to keep your arms from flapping around and getting torn off. This pic of one stalker for sale has a side roll cage; better but not totally safe. I also like the front roll hoop and its tie in to the rear hoop.
  3. The car will be used mostly for street duty but I may do a few track events just for grins. The cars I'm looking at would be pre-built although building either would be no problem; I was an aircraft mechanic and sheet metal guy for years. I find that buying a pre-built car is also cheaper especially for the Stalker. I love the idea of the Stalkers inboard independent suspension.
  4. I bought an Alfa Gulia Quadrofoglio this summer and its cool and everything but it doesnt turn me on like the idea of a Seven clone. I've kind of narrowed it down to either a Caterham in a 420 or above spec OR a newer Stalker with independent inboard suspension. My assumptions; The Stalker yes is obviously a more beastly machine but is it TOOOOO much for the street ? ( I used to race formula cars but even the Atlantic or F Mazda were "only" about 200 HP. ) I'm assuming its much roomier which really isn't a big deal but its nice. Frankly the looks of the car are out of proporti
  5. I talked to you earlier but wanted to go over things again before buying your car. Asked you to call me through ebay and PM's here. Apparently too much trouble. Just bought a Afla Romeo Quadrifoglio with cash after selling a 350K lot. My advice; when serious people want to buy your car.....call them. I can see why you had problems with Brunton.
  6. Did I miss a price ? I used to weigh 265 and one day got sick and tired of looking in the mirror. Went on a Keto diet and lost 70 lbs in about 7 or 8 months. Now I'm exercising but only to add strength not to lose weight. Weight loss come from diet control. The way I figure it I eat about 1 hr per day max. The other 23 you pay for it. Although the beer went I switched to Scotch and water. Some sacrifices are too much to endure
  7. Not a seven but kind of neat anyhow; Morgan Aero 8 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2005-morgan-aero-8-6/
  8. Diva variation. Looks like a nice build for the $$$ https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?sourceContext=carGurusHomePageModel&entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity=d2325&zip=55440#listing=261631183 https://www.hotrod.com/articles/0401kc-lotus-super-7-kit-cars/
  9. My first Ferrari was a 308GTSi like yours about 30 years ago. A project car that had the top sliced off to make a pure roadster. These things are very tiny. Hard to tell from the pics. About 200 EPA choked horsepower. That didnt stop it from drinking fuel at 12 mpg You know a lot of parts come from different manufacturers like the brakes are a Mercedes part. Lots of good 308 content and tips at Ferrarichat.
  10. So sorry Dick Brink said he died several years ago. His estate contacted Dick to re-sell this Mclaren. Ask is about 200K. Same thing with another estate and this JPS Birkin. No-one is getting younger.
  11. https://www.texasmotorworks7.com/details/new-2019-birkin-s-3-super-seven/59964655 New build Birkin
  12. As a lighting designer I can tell you that LED choice can be tricky. Forget about the physical fixture look. Concentrate of what lighting is supposed to accomplish; illuminating a dark roadway at night without blinding oncoming traffic. Designing a LED fixture that can maker the road look like daylight is slam dunk easy. To do so without completely blinding oncoming traffic is a completely different story. IMO auto headlight LED lighting is in its infancy. Stick to the tried and true until The Experts have figured it out and offer complete fixture replacements.
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