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  1. My previous 1700cc Supersprint-powered S3 put out about 135bhp and could be peddled quite quickly on track or street. Admittedly no where near as quick as R500s etc. but no slouch either. The lighter engine of the 270S will lkely help the 0-60mph blat but the brick-like aerodynamics really start to make an impact above 100mph. Mine was geared to hit the rev limiter at 115mph, and with a following wind could get there so 122 is possible.
  2. Oops - just realized I posted this in the wrong section.
  3. Set of 4 Yokohama A-008R 185/60R13. Part worn but in good condition. Just trying to make space in garage. Thinking $120 for all, or make an offer. Location: San Diego
  4. Hi All, Following the recent sale of my Caterham, with BD engine installed, I had the original Supersprint engine rebuilt. There was nothing wrong with it when last run but I wanted the new cam installed professionally. The engine was rebuilt by HDS engineering in Escondido CA. with new bearings throughout and a new Kent 234 cam, cam chain, tensioner, oil pump and gaskets. The cylinder head was not rebuilt, nor was the distributor and it is fitted with a set of 40DCOE carbs jetted for 1700cc engine but that will require dialing in. When dialed in it should be good for 125-135bhp The “te
  5. I’ve been in touch and am slightly embarrassed to have sold a set of oil leaks (with a free Caterham thrown in for good measure), but this one at least should be straightforward to fix. My only worry with PTFE tape is that fragments might end up in the oil, but applied carefully should be fine. The original tank came from Dave Bean.
  6. It enjoyed the SoCal sun for a while but it was great to see it go to a good home back in the north east, and hopefully will become a regular at local events. It also had an interesting, and similarly colored, stablemate during at least part of it’s journey east. Thanks to Jcerier, he was a wonderful person to deal with while selling the car.
  7. A potential buyer requested pictures of the underside of my car, not having easy access to a 4 post lift my son helped me improvise. Haven't had the GoPro6 very long but love it's dynamic range, if not the sensitivity of the microphone that suggests the Lego dolly has a wheel bearing issue...;-) I thought the results weren't too bad so decided to post them.
  8. Thanks Kitcat, I appreciate the compliments on the car. Hopefully the pricing is in the right ballpark, I'm hoping that it finds a new home and owner that will use it more often than I do these days.
  9. Oops - correction: The wheels currently fitted are 13" rims all round, 6" width on front and 7" rears. The spare set are 15" rims.
  10. After nearly eight years of ownership I’m finally getting my act together to sell my Caterham. An overview of the car is listed below. Given that I have two complete engines for the car and a bunch of spares there are at least three different purchase options: Option 1) Complete car plus spare wheels, wings etc. with BDA (currently fitted): Best offer around $34k Option 2) Complete car plus spare wheels, wings etc. with freshly rebuilt crossflow (will be fitted to the car): Best offer around $24k Option 3) Complete car plus both engines plus spares etc: Open to offers in excess of $3
  11. Ah ha - apparently i’ve being overly “Scottish” - will renew my dues - thanks
  12. I finally got my act together to advertise my Caterham properly and now can’t seem to post a new thread to the “for sale” section. I’m guessing it’s because I haven’t posted much to the site recently but would appreciate if anyone has any other ideas why posting to that forum is restricted?
  13. I'll echo Kitcat's comments in that when I swapped my 1700 super sprint (~130bhp)to a dry sump BDR (dyno @ 190bhp flywheel) the difference in driving was fun to say the least and above 7000rpm the sound is intoxicating. For anybody thinking about Craig's BDR. I started with a BDA and and had it rebuilt (with a new ford racing block) to the specification of Craig's and the rebuild alone cost more than Craig's asking price. With the exhaust and dry sump included the swap from Crossflow to BDR is very straightforward. For me the most difficult parts were mounting the oil cooler so that it didn't
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