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  1. I'd like to hear that story over drinks tomorrow night...
  2. Thanks, but looking for black leather.
  3. I have the standard Caterham black leather seats, with removable headrests. I have a tear in the leather of one of the headrests. Wondering if anyone has a pair of black leather headrests (or even just the covering) that they'd be interested to sell?
  4. And, in case you hadn't figured this out, the driving is 2/3 of the fun. The other 1/3 is hanging out and sharing meals with other Sevens nutcases and some of their sympathetic family members.
  5. I'm sure Croc will chime in with details on how to register, but just to let you know you'll run in a group that is only us Sevens. The one exception might be a complete novice, who I believe could run in the novice group, until they are comfortable enough to jump in with the Sevens. There's a wide range of experience and power levels within this group. It's a whole lot of fun to be out there without some Corvette or Porsche wanting to pass you in the straights all the time.
  6. I have fiberglass fenders (obviously - as I would like to repaint them). Anyone have experience using clear film directly on the fiberglass wings? I thought I had read something about getting spider cracks in the paint under the film from stone hits.
  7. I am would like to repaint my rear wings. When I do this, I'd like to put on new stone guards, as the stainless ones I have are pretty pock-marked. I would ideally like to put on carbon fiber ones, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere I look (first-world problem, I know). Anyone have any sources which may have them in stock, or advice?
  8. Thompson, CT. My "home" track. I've also been to Lime Rock and Canaan, NH so far this year. Palmer, MA next week. I really liked Canaan. Small track with lots of turns. More of a Se7ens track vs a Porsche/Corvette/etc one.
  9. Just closing the loop here. Installed my thermostat with small holes drilled, filled with coolant, put car on an incline to get my heater core lower, ran it, and temp stayed under 80C. Then did a track day yesterday. Temp did get up over 80 - maybe 85, possibly touched 90C, but no higher than that. I'm in second gear for much of this track, so I was revving the engine pretty high for much of my sessions, but had no issues. Will check the coolant level and pull off the nose to check the overflow bottle, but I think I'm good.
  10. I'm an idiot. Alternately, not being as hard on myself, I shouldn't make assumptions when I'm not with the car to look at things. I get it now. Cap provides the pressure valve for the overflow tube, thus a pressurized system. Makes perfect sense. So this weekend I will: - Cut a new overflow tube that reaches the bottom of the overflow tank, cut on an angle at the end. - Hose clamp that hose to the thermostat housing to allow the system to be able to suck overflown coolant back in. - Drill a couple of small holes in my new thermostat. - Install
  11. Picture showing the thermostat housing. You can see the vent tube that runs into the overflow bottle.
  12. It's not pressurized. There is no valve or anything in the overflow tube - it's open to atmosphere, in the overflow bottle.
  13. Why would pressure testing the cap matter if it's a non-pressurized system?
  14. Thank everyone for responses so far. Of the list that Vlad gives above, I am relatively confident that my radiator is fine, I'm not running lean (probably a little rich, but I'm ok with that), and head gasket, water pump and fan are fine. I'm hoping it's just my thermostat, but we'll see. System is not pressurized. The radiator has no cap. There is a cap on the thermostat housing (of course), and an overflow tube that runs into an overflow bottle. The overflow bottle has no cap on it; the tube just goes into the open bottle. One thing I realized
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