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  1. Critical to this discussion is the intended use of the car. A Tesla Model 3 Performance is great for the road, and from what I've read and watched it's just about there for HPDE track days. The ID-R is designed for one purpose - Pike's Peak. It's not meant for doing four twenty minute track sessions. What would you want to do with an electric seven? Street: Just a matter of balancing range vs weight. Guessing (maybe someone else can do the math) that an 80 mile e-seven might weight similar to a Cat, and perform similarly or better. Tr
  2. I have a 6810 Aluma, non-tilting, with ramps I bought from Tractor Supply. Car fits perfectly, rides great, and total weight is right around the 1750 tow capacity of our Rav-4 Hybrid. Ramps fold in half and travel in the vehicle. I was concerned about how the tilt was going to work, and it would have put me over my tow weight limit. I did not have to make any modifications to the trailer.
  3. Complicate, then add kWhr. Love it. I'd order my electric Cat now if they'd take my order.
  4. Good luck with all of this. You're really making me appreciate my Dellortos more.
  5. Totally different type of vehicle, I know, but last year I worked the start line at a local autocross, and there was a guy there autocrossing his Tesla Model 3 Performance. It was really something to watch him take off from the start line. No revving, no drama (granted I know that lots of people like revving and drama), and it took off like a silent rocket. It was really cool to watch and (not) hear.
  6. Have your neighbors come over yet to ask "What the hell is that?!"?
  7. I love the idea. Really. Of course, owning a Caterham with a Cosworth BDA, I have an appreciation for the auditory pleasures of sporty cars (BDA, air-cooled Porsche flat-6, flat-plane crankshaft V-8...). But - we need to spit less CO2 into the atmosphere if we're going to keep this planet habitable for our great-grandkids, so I need to get my ears out of the 20th century and get with the program. I see wonderful opportunities for Caterham to design an electric, Se7en-esque sports car. Could have incredible performance, and aesthetically there's a lot that could be done to evoke the Se7en spir
  8. Makes sense Jim. I had to think about it for a while to understand why 2 plates, but I get it. Nice work. The screws that mount the belts look pretty tiny though?
  9. Thanks guys. I think roll bar on driver's side of the car makes sense for me. One thing I've thought about is if there's a fire around the engine taking the bonnet off quickly and safely might be a challenge. Run around to undo all for latches, and then when I take it off I have to lean in towards the center of the car. Might be a pretty hazardous thing to do with flames under the bonnet...
  10. I'd like to raise the rear view mirror that is mounted with my Brookland's screens. I've seen an extender for this on other cars. Is that an off-the-shelf part that I can buy, or do I just make one?
  11. For this season I have bought a new helmet (Snell 2020) and this head and neck support: https://www.schroth.com/en/segments/racing/products/details/show/id-20-shr-evo-medium.html I just tried them out in the seven. I tightened the shoulder belts as tight as I could, and I was surprised at how easy it was to move the shoulder belts around on the HANS (ok - this one is an "SHR"), especially on my right side. I could shift the right belt further to the right, so it was no longer centered on the SHR. Then I realized that the belt mounts are not centered with the seat (see p
  12. I bought one of these https://elementfire.com/collections/allproducts/products/element-e50 which I plan to mount in my seven. Trying to determine the best location to mount it. I'd rather not drill any holes. Best I've come up with is to cable tie the mounting bracket to one of the verticals or the diagonal on the roll bar, and then wrap with a velcro strap or two for extra security. Sound good? Any other ideas?
  13. James, Nice to connect with you here. I am JeffreyC on BAT. Congrats again. Fun times ahead.
  14. One option is to get inspected with the windscreen, then take a picture of the sticker to have that evidence with you when driving with the Brooklands.
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