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  1. Here is my 2006 Ford GT Heritage next to my 2019 New Ford GT in liquid Red, no stripe, silver wheels. I have taken a deposit on the Heritage and the buyer requested taking it in the sun for photos. As a thank you for the Heritage purchase, I'm giving him right of first refusal to buy the 2019 if, and when, I should offer it for sale. I never thought this country boy hot rodder would ever have even one of a car like this, let alone two. Here is a short commercial about our primary sponsor- The Good Lord has blessed us SO abundantly. The Bible tells us - Delight yourself
  2. Speaking of color- This changes more with different lighting, than anything else I've ever had. I love it. Cheers, Eddie
  3. Update on my Pro Formula Mazda open wheel road racer. Over the winter I installed a turbocharger on the Mazda Renesis rotary engine, and converted it to 100% methanol fuel, and indications are that I gained about 135 or so horsepower from stock - about 400 now at the flywheel, measured 334 HP at the tires. Stock weight was 1070, and it is a bit heavier now, and I have to carry more than twice as much fuel. It now uses about a gallon and a quarter PER LAP! But I was fastest overall at the last race, #1 qualifier and won the open wheel final. I had a 1:16.2 in the final! Tickeled me to te
  4. Well, it is nearly three years later, but wife Ercie and I have been blessed with the delivery of my new 2019 Ford GT. I'm gonna be 83 years old in less than two weeks, and I had to sell almost all of my lifetime collection of what I have always considered really cool toys. Sold all of my Ariel Atoms (sold twenty nine of them altogether before I retired as a dealer for them), sold both my 540 inch big block Chevy-powered boats, and also sold my beloved Ultima CanAm roadster. But I'm very happy and grateful for the new Ford. Thanks for all the friendliness and conversation I have enjoyed
  5. Well, we do have our weather. And winter is not going down without a struggle! Come on when you can-- Eddie
  6. Today is the thirtieth anniversary of my, and the world's, first four second quarter mile run. We ran 4.990 at 288.55 mph on 4/9/1988, the day that seemed to demand it. Quite a change from what things were like thirty years before that, in 1958, like this picture with me in the lower right of the picture, with the Cushman motorscooter front wheels, Pontiac v-eight engine. 1958 http://imgtree.net/files/dhknm77z3nf8kfw5cxp2.jpg 1988 First in the Fours--Hence my handle FourFather http://imgtree.net/files/l4xi0nwjp83sx6hsu1av.jpg 2018 Now after a lifetime of
  7. What a blessing and thrill it is to have a 300HP car with a redline over 8,500 rpm with a close ratio six-speed, very low center of gravity, wide sticky tires and wings front and rear, and that weighs only ~1350 pounds. And with late model Honda reliability of the engine and transaxle, extremely low operating costs, and excellent resale value. http://imgtree.net/files/emceew5afjpm21h16ivw.jpg Life is good! Eddie :flag:
  8. Incredible gee with my for sale Atom at Eagles Canyon Raceway. It felt like a combination Ferris Wheel and Tilt-A-Whirl! http://imgtree.net/files/3ajkwrt28bk6nd8gg2kc.jpg Most fun I've ever had at a road race track! :drool: Eddie
  9. Huge fun! http://imgtree.net/files/zag1qr21uqmig2jwoohp.jpg This could be yours. It is completely ready to go right now. Cheers, Eddie
  10. This is a very fast and extremely reliable track car. It requires very little maintenance, and has extremely low operating costs. Resale value is among the best in the business. http://imgtree.net/files/af13gh9i8r37uw3560iy.jpg Cheers, Eddie
  11. I am including in the sale these parts that I have accumulated as an Ariel dealer, and parts to use while experimenting with different wheels and tires, suspension changes, and brake pad compounds. http://imgtree.net/files/cs2llb8hnkcpd8abfyox.jpg http://imgtree.net/files/rox1rxv93gygc77lf953.jpg http://imgtree.net/files/kp6bx88fr0awkw3dzsiu.jpg http://imgtree.net/files/otew9rdixuhmt9ynlu8i.jpg Thanks for looking, Eddie
  12. Here are the Team Dynamics street wheels and tires that are included in the sale. These are the largest/most traction wheels and tires ever offered from the factory. Thanks for looking, Eddie
  13. UPGRADES THAT I HAVE ADDED · Wheels/tires on car now are Keizer ultra lightweight three-piece rebuildable. Fronts are 10” wide x 15” with Hoosier 23.0 x 9.5 R15 radials with the softest compound, the R25B. These are scuffed in and have about 90% tread left. · Rear wheels are 14” wide x 15” with Hoosier 23.5 x 13.0 R15 with the softest R25B compound. There is about 85% tread remaining. Nothing that I have tried over the last ten years on these cars works any better than this set of wheels and tires! · Jet Hot ceramic bright coated exhaust system with custom built m
  14. FOR SALE - Eddie FourFather Hill’s personal 2012 Ariel Atom 3 Roadster SOLD! THANK YOU, THOMAS! CHEERS, EDDIE Priced at 78,980.00 Set up for serious track day or race use. In fact, this may very well be the most developed/track sorted Ariel Atom available, and I have data printouts and video to show what it actually does. http://imgtree.net/files/lwgvhczf2gbf0bv93pqy.jpg http://imgtree.net/files/8eqd78mosdvx61nggqsy.jpg http://imgtree.net/files/dfd7qatonemqlsj27q82.jpg See these YouTube videos - This is me running my two-seat 2012 Ariel Atom 3 3
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