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  1. That is Alaskossie, I had a hand in building his car then stored it in my shop until he was ready to make his epic journey from Colorado to California and on to Alaska. When Tom came back to Colorado to drive his 7 the first time I gathered up a bunch of 7s at my shop. We had a great time then headed to the mountains for a long blat.
  2. It's not a Caterham but I am taking delivery of a C8 Corvette convertible at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY on August 13th which is my 77th birthday, and driving it home. Its a little more comfortable than a Se7en but doing my bit towards the 77 year old guys trend of driving cross country.
  3. https://123movies.page/tv/car-sos-34769.442299
  4. I have seen and driven this 7 and know the owner. Its sad to see it go but the owner can no longer drive. If it were an SV I would jump on it right now but sadly the S3 size is almost impossible for me to get in and out of nor can my big feet depress just one pedal at a time. When I drove it I had to take my shoes off. Its going to make the new owner very happy. Here's a few more pictures from when the owner brought it by for me to see and I took a short drive in it.
  5. The article says the driver of the 7 lost control and had spun backwards into the oncoming lanebefore hitting the Polo. The passenger in the 7 died and the driver is in an induced coma.
  6. This Stalker is still for sale here in Denver. $31k seems like a fairly low price for it. It keeps tempting me but I have a C8 coming I need to pay for. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/denver-2014-lotus-super-brunton-stalker/7300053440.html
  7. When I got tired of fumbling with the steering column ignition switch under the dash I put a simple ignition switch w/o a steering lock on the dash. It was fairly simple to do and much easier to live with. I removed the old switch and its steering lock. IIRC the new ignition switch was for a '60s Chevrolet truck purchased new from NAPA. It is the silver circle between the two gauges on the right side of the dash board.
  8. I have a brand new one similar to the one in the picture. It has the cat converter and muffler as a unit. It came with my 2005 Caterham SV for a Zetec engine. There are ports for two O2 sensors. Never been on a car. Make me an offer.
  9. I put a Miata engine into a Caterham 7 build about 15 years ago. I spent roughly 80 hours on the engine wiring. The car was plug and play for a Zetec engine and I didn't have to deal with anything but the. I removed a complete wiring harness from a '96 Miata, identified every wire, connection and color then removed all wiring not required for the ECU, shortened the remaining wiring to the correct length and installed and connected it to the car. I turbocharged the engine and used a Link ECU that fit in the original Miata box and had the same wiring connectors. To my complete a
  10. Hope you have a better time understanding the owner, his accent was hard to understand but still worth the time.
  11. A Caterham without the BLAT just isn't a Caterham to me. I will never own any electric powered car or truck.
  12. Current 5 speed gear boxes use Miata gear sets and parts of the case.
  13. I went on one of Ross's 3 day charity drives for the Round Up Ranch. One of the stops was at Round Up Ranch. To see kids desperately ill and having fun and their smiles was a great experience. The drive was for older sports cars. I had sold my Caterham by then but Ross allowed me to use my '16 Miata Club. I had a windshield banner "The Japanese Elan" on the car which was the name of my fund raising team. I managed to raise about $2,500 for the Ranch.
  14. If the streets are wet or snow covered or I need to haul or tow something its my '19 Ram 1500 Big Horn. If the streets are dry and the temps above 25F its my '19 30AE Miata. With any luck a C8 Corvette will join the fleet in June. It will likely become the #1 daily driver until next winter.
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