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  1. Sent responses to PMs and added some more pictures. Jon the previous builder/owner provided me with all the receipts, build detail, etc. Really provides a great history.
  2. Croc, not me (unless my son both snuck it out and also learned to drive a stick). Must be her twin! -Rick
  3. Updated with price (duh!) and pictures/links. I really enjoy taking the car out, though startup with the Weber carbs can be a finicky, but once going, resonate a sound like nothing else. Big smiles always.
  4. 1985 Caterham Seven - Right-side Drive - $14,500 Long cockpit Live axle, Morris Ital Limited slip differential 4-speed Ford transmission Spax adjustable shocks and spring platforms Lotus Tall Twin Cam Built by Quorn Engine Development (QED) in England 135 HP Weber 40DCOE carbs Baffled sump Newer clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing Thermostatic oil cooler Tilton starter Lumenition electronic ignition Full weather gear and tonneau Yokohama A032R Compomotive 14" wheels Purchased through the USA7s Forum several years ago. Updated wiring in 2018 performed b
  5. I had a very good experience with Reliable Carriers. I tried working with UShip but after several disconcerting responses (e.g. I questioned one bidder about enclosed transport when he only showed an open trailer picture in his profile). Reliable was responsive and did a nice job of watching out for my new toy. http://www.reliablecarriers.com/
  6. Yes, the perma-grin might be taking its toll. It means my teeth are more susceptible to an errant stone thrown up by the sticky tires and my wife doesn't think I'm taking her seriously. I've given more than a dozen ride-alongs and all have shared the same enthusiasm (well, almost -they're just passengers). I do hope to make it to some nearby events. Track events are a bit intimidating for the moment as I'm still trying to figure out heel & toe in a much smaller footwell than I'm accustomed. Practice will make perfect.
  7. So my morning started with an enclosed car carrier arriving at the end of my driveway. After doing the required inspection (no issues), handing over a check and signing the papers I became the official new owner. Left with a few minutes before needing to leave for work I had the opportunity to take my first drive - it was awesome! This is really a very well cared for, excellent example of what the Caterham experience is all about! (Jon I promise to care for it as much as you did.) Tonight I had the chance to do a few more runs around the neighborhood (registration will be done later this wee
  8. Got a good shot of the Caterham pair and some individual shots of Kimi and Romain in the Lotus cars - wanted to share.
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