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  1. I found it on the Caterham and 7 Owners in USA and Canada Facebook page.
  2. Just received so big news sent to my dealership by Caterham: Dear Partner, I have some exciting news regarding the business…… This is the press release below that will be issued next week, unfortunately the news appears to have broken prior to the embargo and so we are now forced to communicate this news today and by email, which is not what we had planned to do as we had hoped to tell you this news via a video call early next week. “On Thursday 31st March 2021 Caterham Cars was acquired by Japan-headquartered automotive group, VT Holdings, from businessmen, Tony Fernand
  3. Built the car in 1985. Drove it a lot and took some long trips. Kids came along, then kids in college and the Elise. Sold it in 2013. While it was away for seven years, less than 1000 miles were added. Because it is once again the right car, it’s back home with 23009 miles. Whatever miles are added this year will help motivate me to complete the updates.
  4. We had a V70 wagon from 2005 to 2018 and it was an excellent car. Not sporting, but comfortable, reliable and durable. It was amazing what would easily fit in the back that car!
  5. 2015 Mini JCW Hardtop, with a 6-speed manual. It’s a reasonably fun car to drive, particularly after upgrading to the JCW Pro suspension. It’s been reliable ( it should be) as compared to my first Mini. Overall, not really driving much of anywhere since work from home started last year. That has postponed the purchase of new tires!
  6. Ooh, I see he makes a 23B kit too. That would be fun!
  7. That’s great! Welcome and thank you for posting the video!
  8. Merry Christmas! My wife said “Buy the lift!”
  9. In the BaT for sale advertisement, he states that he is moving and cannot take the car with him.
  10. Yes, I did! It took some coaxing from my friends and approval from my very understanding wife before I made the call to Rick. Glad to have it back in the garage. Looking forward to planning and executing the various tasks and of course, getting back behind the wheel!
  11. I went through my toolbox and found this. Is this what you need? I never used it with my Caterham.
  12. I like these better. Don’t have to deal with aging rubber.
  13. I’ve had no reply to my questions. That was their first and only post, so who knows?
  14. Hello, Is that blue Elite book by Dennis Ortenburger, “Lotus Elite: Racing Car for The Road”? More details about the “Lotus World” book please. You can PM me. Thanks, Jon
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